The famous Moscatel is a particularly aromatic variety. It reaches high sugar levels when matured and is ideal for making fortified wines.
These wines tend to have a good balance of acidity, floral and citric aromas and orange or tangerine peel, apricot and butter flavors, acquiring intense traces of dried fruit aromas as they age in wood.
Two regions of Portugal are famous for fortified Moscatel: The Douro and the Setúbal Peninsula.
In Setúbal we find the Moscatel de Alexandria or Moscatel Roxo and in the Douro, namely in Favaios, we have the Moscatel Petit Grains variety.
Moscatel can be served as an aperitif, and it is recommended that it be at a temperature of 10ºC. As a dessert wine, it is an excellent accompaniment to dark chocolate or any egg-based dessert such as the famous Azeitão pie.
Garrafeira Tio Pepe has selected some of the best and most exclusive brands of Moscatel Wine for you!

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