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Enjoy Gordon's Today Gin with friends on a Friday evening or a Tuesday night catch up. Share a moment and have a laugh with the ones you love. Try it now!

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Gordon'S 15.50 IVA incl.
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Teor alcoólico: 37.5%
Sulfitos: Sim
Região: Inglaterra (Southwark)
Capacidade: 700ml

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Pagamentos Seguros

Almost 250 years ago, Alexander Gordon started his distillery in London and set about creating the recipe for a brilliant tasting gin. Gordon’s high quality and distinctive juniper flavor defined the classic G&T flavor.
Gordon’s today is a gin that is enjoyed, not dissected. It’s the perfect gin to start a Friday night, or a Tuesday night to chat with friends, where we share a moment and laugh with the people we love.
Today, Gordon’s is the best selling Gin in the world. Awarded four Royal Warrants and an impressive selection of international gin awards.
Original nearly 250 years ago, Gordon’s created the classic character of gin to make the perfect G&T with a clean, dominant juniper flavor. Since the beginning of history they have exported all over the world and today they have conquered the status of Favorite Gin in the World.
How to serve it?
Fill a tall glass with ice cubes. Pour 50ml of Gordon’s gin over ice and top up with chilled tonic. Gently squeeze a lemon wedge into the glass before pouring, then give it a final shake.


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