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Discover the curious and marvelous essence of Hendricks Gin, infused with rose, cucumber, and 11 botanicals. Experience a world of flavors. Try it now!

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Hendrick´S 35.50 IVA incl.
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Hendrick’s is a gin produced by a small group from Scotland more specifically in Ayrshire.
Voted by the Wall Street Journal as the best gin in the world.
Distilled in a Carter-Head still, there are only 4 in the world, an important process when dealing with 11 botanical essences that make this gin so extraordinary. This is because, contrary to traditional stills that “cook” the ingredients, this one bathes them in steam, making a huge difference in the final product.
An unusual gin, with very different characteristics, aimed at a group of demanding and refined consumers.
A gin that has in its composition orange peels, lemon, cucumber infusion and petal oil from the Bulgarian Rosa Damascena, among others…


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