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Beefeater Lemon Zest

16.90 IVA incl.

Discover Beefeater Zesty Lemon Gin, a refreshing twist on the classic London Dry Gin. Crafted with the freshest lemons from Covent Garden Market. Try it now!

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Beefeater Lemon Zest 16.90 IVA incl.
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Teor alcoólico: 37.5%
Sulfitos: Sim
Região: Inglaterra
Capacidade: 700ml

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Introducing Beefeater Zesty Lemon, packed with natural citrus flavor.

Beefeater Zesty Lemon Gin takes inspiration from its founder James Burrough – who selected only the freshest lemons from London’s Covent Garden market – to create a fresh citrus twist on the classic Beefeater London Dry Gin.
A celebration of one of its nine iconic botanicals, the lemon twist delivers a zesty freshness with the addition of uniquely natural flavors, no added sugar and no compromise on excellence.

Pour over ice and top with tonic water, a lemon wheel and a sprig of lemon thyme for a citrusy twist on classic G&T or enjoy in a cocktail.

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