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Altano Rewilding Bag In Tube Red 2020

14.00 IVA incl.

Discover Altano Rewilding Bag in Tube! Impeccable technical balance, remarkable flavor, and overflowing with character. Experience excellent price-quality ratio. Try it now!

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Altano Rewilding Bag In Tube Red 2020 14.00 IVA incl.
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Teor alcoólico: 14%
Sulfitos: Sim
Região: Douro
Castas: Touriga Franca, Tinta Roriz, Tinta Barroca
Capacidade: 2250ml
Notas de Prova: notas mais exuberantes de frutos vermelhos e a Tinta Barroca garante a estrutura e vivacidade / volume do vinho. Aroma vibrante e puro de frutos vermelhos combinado com notas florais que expressam bem o terroir do Douro

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Pagamentos Seguros

ALTANO Rewilding Bag in Tube is the new bag in box from Douro…A bag in box with style and quality from the Symington family!

The Symington family was among the pioneers of modern Douro wines. In the 90’s they started producing Douro DOC wines from the same native vineyards and grape varieties that have always produced excellent Port wine. They launch the first red Altano in 1999 and don’t look back. Today, the Altano range has global distribution and the wines have been recognized for their quality and distinction.
This exclusive blend presents a classic Douro profile and comes from higher-level vineyards, in order to create a fresh, elegant and fruity profile. Touriga Franca contributes to its elegance and intense expression of fresh and floral aroma; Tinta Roriz with the most exuberant notes of red fruits and Tinta Barroca guarantees the structure and vivacity / volume of the wine. Vibrant and pure aroma of red fruits combined with floral notes that express the Douro terroir well. In the mouth the wine is well balanced, fresh with a medium to full-bodied body where the ripe fruit combines well with the notorious acidity and spicy tannins.
A wine with an impeccable technical balance, without prejudice to its personality … remarkable flavor … excellent price-quality ratio … overflowing with character. ”
✔A new collaboration between the Altano & Rewilding Portugal brand
✔Sales will contribute to the financing of Rewilding Portugal’s operations
✔Strong environmental and sustainability message on the packaging
✔Influence the consumer for a good purchase intention
BAG-IN-TUBE – 2.25 LITERS Premium version of bag-in-box
• Capacity equivalent to 3 bottles
• 20% discount compared to the 75cl bottle
• Consumption after opening (4-6 weeks)
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