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Grainha Reserva Magnum Red 2020

35.00 IVA incl.

Discover the timeless elegance of Douro red wine. Experience its sophisticated character and embrace the essence of the region. Indulge in every drop. Try it now!

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Grainha Reserva Magnum Red 2020 35.00 IVA incl.
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Teor alcoólico: 14%
Sulfitos: Sim
Região: Douro
Castas: Touriga Franca, Tinta Roriz, Tinto Cão, Tinta Barroca, Touriga Nacional
Capacidade: 1500ml
Notas de Prova: Aromas muito intensos a frutos pretos (amoras) e frutos azuis (mirtilos). Complexo, notas delicadas a madeira, baunilha e especiarias. Mineral. Na boca, a estrutura mostra-se grande, os taninos suaves bem arredondados pela fruta preta.

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Pagamentos Seguros

Grainha is the seed of the plant that has the responsibility of preserving its characteristics so that life can flourish from there – the essence of nature. Inspired by the grape seed, from which it is possible to obtain fundamental compounds of a wine with proteins, condensed tannins and aromatic extracts, the Grainha Reserva duo is born, which year after year maintains the profile of a deeper and more gastronomic Douro, with maturation in wood. , complex in the nose, well structured in the mouth and which reveal a very special precision. A curiosity: the label repeats the name in several languages, demonstrating its universality and the essence of life.
In this Douro red wine, we rediscover the Douro classicism, with character. Sophisticated from the beginning, it brings the dimension of the Douro in every drop. Jorge Alves, as a winemaker, opted for an aging in French oak barrels – 75% second year and 25% third year, lasting up to 18 months.

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