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Esporão Private Selection White 2020

35.00 IVA incl.

Discover Esporão Private Selection, a sophisticated and deep wine that embodies culture and elegance. Indulge in exclusive moments. Try it now!

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esporao private selection branco
Esporão Private Selection White 2020 35.00 IVA incl.
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Teor alcoólico: 14%
Sulfitos: Sim
Região: Alentejo
Castas: Semillon
Capacidade: 750ml
Notas de Prova: Aspeto cristalino, cor palha. Registo de fruta de polpa branca e alguma toranja fresca, misturadas com as notas discretas da tosta da barrica e especiarias como o cravinho e a pimenta branca. Rico, elegante e intenso. Com final amplo, profundo e persisten

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Pagamentos Seguros

This wine was born in 2001 with the aim of challenging the classic profile of the great Alentejo wines. The maturity of the vineyard, the unusual Semillon variety, combined with the careful selection of the barrel suppliers has reinforced the solid, rich and complex record of this wine. Esporão Private Selection is a sophisticated and deep wine, for moments that we want exclusive. With a complex and interesting personality, he defends the culture and elegance that characterizes him.
The pair of winemakers David Baverstock, Sandra Alves presses whole bunches, fermentation at controlled temperatures in new French oak barrels, aging for six months “sur lie” with “batonnage”.
A great Portuguese white wine that goes with everything from smoked codfish to well-seasoned curry dishes, highlighting the exotic taste of spices, passing through the typical fish soups, making the meal a fusion of exuberant flavours.


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