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Graham’S Six Grapes

15.50 IVA incl.

Discover the exceptional Six Grapes Reserve Port by Graham's, crafted from selected wines in the early 1900s. Experience the legacy today!

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Graham'S Six Grapes 15.50 IVA incl.
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Teor alcoólico: 20%
Sulfitos: Sim
Região: Douro
Capacidade: 750ml
Notas de Prova: É frutado e robusto e de uma qualidade soberba. Vermelho escuro, com um sedutor perfume de ameixas maduras e cerejas. Complexo no palato, com uma boa estrutura e um longo e persistente fim de boca.

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Pagamentos Seguros

Originating in the 19th century, Graham winemakers marked each barrel of port using grape symbols to rank the wine from one to six. The symbol of six grapes denotes complexity, structure and balance. Wines destined for Vintage Port. But not all of them. Only the highest quality grapes are used in this brand.
In the early 1900’s Graham’s began bottling selected wines from these casks to produce a reserve port like no other: Six Grapes. More than a century later, the wine remains Graham’s signature reserve port. It is an example of one of Graham’s most original batches.
As in the world of Port wines there is no specific classification for the style of Six Grapes, we refer to it as “the everyday Port for the Vintage Port consumer”. We always aim to make this wine the best young Port available within its price range.

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