Sparkling Wine Ribeiro Santo Excellence Bruto Nature 2017


The sparkling Ribeiro Santo Excellence Bruto Nature 2017 is a rare bottled treasure, made exclusively with the Touriga Nacional grape, from a special plot of the prestigious Quinta do Ribeiro Santo. Elaborated under the care and mastery of winemaker Carlos Lucas, this sparkling wine represents the apex of excellence and quality in every bubble.

The manual harvest guarantees the selection of the best grapes, resulting in a high quality base for this exceptional sparkling wine. Total destemming is carried out to ensure the purity of the must. Then, decantation takes place at low temperature, allowing a natural cleaning and the preservation of fruity aromas. The first fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks, where the must is carefully treated under the supervision of Carlos Lucas. A battonage process is carried out for 3 months, providing the desired complexity and texture to the liquid.

The second fermentation, essential for the production of sparkling wine, follows the traditional method, where the magic happens inside the bottle. Stored in a cool cellar, the sparkling wine rests for a long 36 months, developing the unique characteristics that make it an exceptional product.

This sparkling wine is perfect for celebrating special moments or to be enjoyed as a unique treat. Combine it with light dishes such as fish, seafood or sushi to enhance its elegance. It is also an excellent choice to accompany sophisticated starters or simply as an aperitif in moments of relaxation.

Take the opportunity to try the sparkling Ribeiro Santo Excellence Bruto Nature 2017, an authentic expression of the Portuguese terroir and the exceptional talent of Carlos Lucas, who captured the essence of the Touriga Nacional grape in a remarkable sparkling wine. Feel enveloped by the magic of the bubbles and immerse yourself in a memorable and refined taste experience.

  • Type: Sparkling wine
  • Product Code:Espumante Ribeiro Santo Excellence Bruto Nature 2017
  • Region: Dão
  • Castas: Touriga Nacional
  • Availability:In Stock
  • Alcool12.5%
  • Volume:750 ml
  • Sulfites: Yes
  • Notas de Prova: Pale salmon pink color. Aromas of orange and tangerine. Good acidity, fine bubble. Creamy body with a slightly citrus finish.