Pack Gin Adamus Signature


Organic, vegan and with a sublime spirit, Signature Edition 2021 brings together elderflower distillate, the iconic Baga da Bairrada variety and the usual ADAMUS botanicals, resulting in this special and limited edition!
The magic of a perfect combination of botanists. The natural origin of this edition and its botanical composition form a unique combination in this new release, based on ADAMUS know-how. To a brilliant combination of botanicals, we add the elderflower, a plant rich in antiviral properties and characteristic of the Bairrada region, which gives this new ADAMUS gin a special authenticity.

Now just take this pack home and get to work and prepare your gin!
There's a better way to end a day's work!

PROMOTION VALID - 5-9-2022 UNTIL 5-31-2022

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