Pack Gin Bulldog


BULLDOG GIN is the true Modern Gin. Four times distilled in traditional copper stills in the most renowned distillery producing Gin for the last 250 years. Infusion of 12 characteristic botanical elements, 3 of which are never present in a Gin, such as lotus leaves, white poppy and dragon eye fruit (a distant cousin of oriental lychees).
The botanical elements come from 8 different countries. Juniper berries, from Tuscany – Italy, are organically grown and of high quality. The clear, low-mineralized water is drawn from Lake Wyrnwy, Wales. It is known as a “Water World Class Quality”. It is a vegan, carbohydrate-free and Kosher certified product.

Now just take this pack home and get to work and prepare your gin!
There's a better way to end a day's work!

We leave a suggestion:
In a tall glass filled with ice add 50ml of Bulldog Gin and fill with tonic water.
Decorate blackberries.

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