Tequila Classe Azul Plata
México (Jalisco)


Classe Azul is born from Mexican culture, its tradition and its craftsmen. Its landscapes and authentic expressions inspire local artisans to create unique creations.

Mexico is a land of countless, rich and diverse landscapes. In the west, between valleys and hills, lies a region of great importance: Jalisco. Here the blue agave has been honored for centuries; a plant whose exquisite distillate bears witness to centuries of Jalisco culture and traditions.

To become tequila, agave undergoes a long transformation:
During the jima (harvest) the leaves of the plant are removed to expose its core, known as piña. These piñas are slowly cooked in masonry ovens and then ground to extract the sugars resulting from the cooking process.
Fermentation with its patented yeast gives the elixir its distinctive profile. Its notes are then shaped through double distillation in copper stills. This dedicated effort results in an exquisite tequila.

Clase Azul Tequila Plata is the result of distillation; a bright, unaged tequila that faithfully captures the notes of agave.

  • Product Code:Tequila Classe Azul Plata
  • Region: México (Jalisco)
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  • Alcool40%
  • Volume:700 ml
  • Sulfites: Yes