ALIÁS um Branco de Outrora white 2019


The white wine by the way, a White from Once, is part of the project of the great winemaker Nuno Mira do Ó and is born from old vines in the Bairrada region!

This wine was born from the centenary vines of the Bical grape variety found in the old vineyards of Mealhada. It is a very small production of a wine made in a very traditional way.
Manual harvesting and a meticulous selection of grapes almost make this wine a rare piece of watchmaking. The best grapes are selected from the vines of this variety that are scattered throughout the centennial vineyard. Winemaking is very artisanal, with the grapes carefully squeezed in a small and old press, and the must immediately sent to the oak barrel, where it fermentes and ages for 10 months.
It has been a paradoxical wine since its birth. Because they did not decant the must, that is, because it fermented together with the lees, their aromatic profile was always different, always running away from the fruit notes and tending to reveal many notes of graphite, gunpowder, and earth. Its aging in barrels and bottles allowed it to reveal, after almost two years, a wealth that insisted on hiding and a fantastic elegance. The nose shows the deep minerality of calcareous nature, fine notes of white flowers and citrus. In the mouth, the great body and depth makes it disconcerting, but above all it turns it into something that provides immense pleasure to drink. Only with such a pair, Nuno do Ó and João Soares, would an immensely pleasurable result be achieved!
In terms of gastronomic combinations, we believe we are in the presence of an "all-terrain" capable of overcoming all the gastronomic trials to which we want to submit.

  • Type: white wine
  • Product Code:ALIÁS um Branco de Outrora branco 2019
  • Region: Bairrada
  • Castas: Bical
  • EAN: 5055590100031
  • Availability:In Stock
  • Alcool13%
  • Volume:750 ml
  • Sulfites: Yes
  • Notas de Prova: Very mineral nose, notes of gunpowder and earth. Fine floral notes, white flowers and citrus. Great body and depth