Edetária Selecció wihite 2018
Espanha (Gandesa - Terra Alta)


Joan Àngel Lliberia, heart and soul of Edetària, started the adventure of Edetària after studying Agricultural Engineering in Lleida and doing a Masters in Wine Management at OIV; his first professional steps in wine management took place in several wine companies in France; then he returned to Catalonia, where he continued his career in the wine sector and later in multinational corporations.
It was his childhood lived in a universe of vineyards, grapes, cellars and his passion for wine that called him back to his origins to found Edetària. A dream come true, a tribute to his grandfather Llorens -enologist- and his parents Pepita and Angel -wine growers-, making true terroir wines with their family's vineyards in a genuine style.
Edetària produces authentic wines with indigenous grapes, seeking the purest expression of the soil and restoring the value of old vines thanks to organic winemaking. Wine belongs to a land and its main objective is to express the soil, the climate and a way of being. Thus, Edetària is fully committed to respecting nature and sustainable practices in search of the authenticity of Terra Alta. They make wines with their own personality, based on a deep knowledge of the terroir and rigorous winemaking, but also giving space to inspiration and free experimentation in favor of creativity.
Edetària is located in Gandesa, in the central area of ​​Terra Alta. Edetària received the name of “Via Edetana”, an ancient Roman road that stretched between Torotosa and Zaragoza. In doing so, we intend to pay tribute to the Mediterranean culture to which they belong, where wine has always been at their forefront.
This wine is made with 100% white garnacha from old vines -60 years old- in panal soils (fossilized sand dunes) with extremely low yields. The grapes are fermented in 500 l French oak. barrels and then aged for 8 months.


  • Type: white wine
  • Product Code:Edetária Selecció branco 2018
  • Region: Espanha (Gandesa - Terra Alta)
  • Castas: Garnacha Blanca
  • EAN: 8437008054117
  • Availability:In Stock
  • Alcool14%
  • Volume:750 ml
  • Sulfites: Yes
  • Notas de Prova: Complex and mineral aromas with notes of hydrocarbons. Powerful palate, balanced with a well-integrated acidity that will give the wine a long life. Full-bodied, silky, long, persistent and elegant.