INVINCIBLE white 2019


Rita Marques and Marc Kent founded Companhia de Vinhos Invencível in 2020. The two winemakers, who had previously collaborated in 2015, 2016 and 2017 in South Africa and 2018 and 2019 in Portugal, embrace now a bigger commitment, acquiring an estate in Casais do Douro.
This is their first joint property and the home of the brand. It is also where two wines, a white and a red, called Invincible número dois, were assembled – their labels represent the fight between Adamastor and the Portuguese sailors of the Age of Discovery. To complete the newly created portfolio, they’re also presenting a wine from Vinhos Verdes, “Natural Mystic”.

  • Product Code:INVINCIBLE branco 2019
  • Region: Douro
  • Castas: Vinhas Velhas com mistura de castas
  • EAN: 5600215330012
  • Availability:In Stock
  • Alcool13%
  • Volume:750 ml
  • Sulfites: Yes