OLD RAJ Dry Gin 46º


Region: Scotland.

Gin produced with the guarantee of one of the oldest pure malt whiskey bottling companies, Cadenhead, which was founded in Aberdeen in 1872.

Old Raj is a lovely gin complex with aromas of coriander, juniper, anise, lily root, pepper, lemon peel, earth and tree bark. In the beginning the taste is fruity, creamy, spicy and minty; then it opens and offers layers of complexity from the various botanists used, especially the juniper flavor that dominates. Finishes with a wonderful mint and spice finish. Simply fabulous.

To serve a gin tonic is used a little saffron, one of the ingredients that is part of its components.

  • Type: Gin
  • Product Code:OLD RAJ Dry Gin 46º
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  • Alcool46%
  • Volume:700 ml
  • Sulfites: Yes