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CARTUXA Reserva red 2016


This Alentejo classic from Évora was born at the Eugénio de Almeida Foundation by the hand of winemaker Pedro Baptista.These wines associate their quality with the name of the Carthusian monks who, since 1598, have led a solitary life of prayer in th..


CASA DA PASSARELLA Villa Oliveira Touriga Nacional red 2016


A project by Gouveia - Serra da Estrela with oenology by Paulo Nunes.A concept for wines that happen. For unique conditions in unique years. by constant restlessness, a challenge to all norms. They could be called "collection wines", but they are mos..


JOSEPH DROUHIN Aloxe Corton red 2016


Region: França (Beaune)Grapes: Pinot Noir.Joseph Drouhin seeks total control of the process of extraction; extraction gives colour and substance but should never be detrimental to the finesse and typical character of the wine.Ageing in barrels (20% i..


MAMORÉ DE BORBA Vinho de Talha red 2016


Region: AlentejoGrapes: Aragonês,Trincadeira,Castas Brancas Tradicionais (30%).Color to resemble a reed. Intense aroma of fresh red fruits, with firm and lively tannins in the mouth. Hints of red currants and red berries, in a wine where intense fres..


NIEPOORT Diálogo red 2016 15 Lts




NIEPOORT Poeirinho Baga red 2016


 The Poeirinho, which name reflects the old name of Baga, is like a tribute to the great Bairrada wines from the past. The huge passion of Dirk Niepoort for Baga variety and for the fantastic terroir of the Bairrada region has made him, over ..


PEDIGREE red 2016


A family with roots in the Douro region, more concretely in the Cima Corgo sub-region; with deep connections to the land, the vineyard and their customs. Committed to the production of quality grapesfor sale to the large producing houses of Port.Irre..


POÇAS Simbolo red 2016


A red wine by Jorge Pintão and André Pimentel Barbosa, produced with the best grapes from Ervedosa do Douro, and vinified at Quinta das Quartas (Régua), this wine seeks to materialize the philosophy underlying its name: to be a symbol of its name. so..