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BOTA VELHA Vinhas Antigas white 2018


With nearly 30 years of career, João Silva e Sousa launches the first solo wines, Bota Velha. He set up a winery in Penajoia in late July 2017 and contacted grape growers in Douro Superior and Cima Corgo, his known as always, who supported him in thi..


CINÉTICA white 2018


"There are wines that stand out for their uniqueness, for being different, for their artisanal side. They are scarcely produced wines, wines of detail, which stand out for their unique characteristics – or, at least, that differ from the dominant pat..




A delicious white wine by the winemaker Pedro Branco, made from grapes from a vineyard with an average of 10 to 20 years and an altitude between 550m and 650m, which is fermented and aged for 11 months in French carbalho barrels...


FLOR DE S.JOSÉ Reserva white 2018


Quinta de S. José is a family project that started in early 1999, by the will of João Brito e Cunha's father, Ruy Brito e Cunha, due to the excellent location of the Quinta's houses, practically on the river and in a terroir and characteristics of so..


MAÇANITA Malvasia Fina white 2018


Maçanita Vinhos is a project of two brothers and two winemakers. Two-handed wines. Some wines, despite being produced together, are the preferences, fads or visions of each of the brothers. Malvasia Fina is a variety that oxidizes easily, which led t..


MARIA IZABEL Vinhas da Princesa white 2018


Grapes: Rabigato, Códega do Larinho, Viosinho. Citrus-colored, it has a fine and subtle aroma. It has a strong mineral character, which gives it freshness, along with notes of stone fruit, candied orange zest, pastry aroma and smoke. Of high struc..


NASCENTE white 2018


Region: Douro.Graps: Viosinho 75%, Arinto 25%Its exposure to the source allows the vines to receive the first rays of sunlight at dawn. Its fresher microclimate enhances the minerality and complexity of wines.Replanted on shale terraces from the phyl..


POEIRA Desalinhados Curtimenta white 2018


Region: Douro (Provesende).Grapes: Arinto.Sometimes we need to take a risk, “get out of the line” and when that happens in Poeira irreverent and original wines are born. This white man was born wanting to be red but was overcome by his nature and des..