marquesa da alorna - branco - tejo

ALICANTE BRANCO Chão dos Eremitas white 2021


This 100% Alicante White white wine by António Maçanita is born in Serra d'Ossa, more specifically in Chão dos Eremitas. And what a great white Alentejo we have here!Located in the southern foothills of the Serra d’Ossa, this place is special, sit do..


ALYANTIJU white 2018


Alyantiju is a white wine from Herdade village de Cima, produced in Serra do Mendro in Alentejo under the umbrella of the Amorim Family Estates group!With a unique biodiversity, at Herdade da Aldeia de Cima the wines are designed in the vineyard wher..


ARGILLA white 2020


Argilla wines are produced at Herdade da Anta de Cima, owned by the Tenreiro family, located in Serra de Montargil, Portalegre district. Here with the signature of winemakers Paulo Tenreiro and Nuno Mira do Ó.In Anta de Cima the last vineyards were p..


ART. TERRA Amphora white 2018


ART. TERRA Amphora, a wine from Casa Relvas. An Alentejo amphora Arinto!Casa Relvas was born from the desire to continue the history of a family linked to the land over five generations, on two continents. This family project was started in 1997 in S..


Cortes de Cima white 2021


Cortes de Cima white 2021 is a perfect example of the commitment to excellence and sustainability.This white wine is a perfect combination of traditional techniques and innovation. Grapes are carefully selected from organically and biodynamically gro..


DISCÓRDIA Reserva white 2020


The first act began in 2009 when Paulo Alho's family decided to buy Herdade Vale d’ Évora, in the lower Alentejo, they make the sea and fish from Sesimbra.Above all, they were fascinated by the vast wild plain and the native hunting sanctuary that th..


DISCÓRDIA white 2019


Discórdia wines are produced at the Vale d’Évora Estate, situated just a few kilometers from the beautiful village of Mértola, inside the Vale do Guadiana Nature Preserve. The vines of Discórdia produce airy and well-concentrated fruit, resulting in ..


DONA MARIA white 2021


Region: Alentejo (Estremoz).Producer: Júlio B. Bastos.Grapes: Arinto, Antão Vaz, Viosinho. Wine with clear appearance of citrus green color slightly auburn. Tropical fruit, suggesting citrus aromas. Rich fruit flavor, with a good balance of acidit..