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A DE ARINTO white 2020


A DE ARINTO white 2020 a white wine from the Douro made with the Arinto variety in a super limited 986 bottles.Pormenor Vinhos begins its 2013 history with its first vintage and by the hand of 3 friends, Pedro Coelho, José Silva and Miguel Cardozo.Th..


A Proibida tinto 2018


Savvy and resistant, Queen Isabella has ensured since the attack of phylloxera in the 19th century, the continuation of vines and wine in the islands to this day. For many...it is not part of the customs. This "Isabella", the Forbidden, values the hi..




One came to pass 80 years old, with several failures derived from a partial abandonment during some years. In an area of ​​intense exposure and with huge outcrops of shale on the surface where not a single herb remains. The people of Quinta quickly c..




Vodka for all day and for all circumstances. Absolut is of course...Absolut is a Swedish vodka brand founded in 1879 by L.O. Smith in the small Swedish town of Åhus. Revolutionized the production of vodka through the process of continuous distillatio..




A premium Vodka for all day and for all circumstances. Absolut is of course...Absolut Elyx is a true luxury vodka, built on the principles of quality, integrity and craftsmanship, distilled in a manually operated vintage copper still from 1921. T..


ADAMUS Signature


First, a new ADAMUS Gin. Then the certainty of a different year. Each thing at its time. Each day. every hour. Every encounter and behold, the ADAMUS Signature Edition 2021 is born!Organic, vegan and with a sublime spirit, Signature Edition 2021 brin..




With the experience and knowledge acquired over decades, Destilaria Levira decides to take advantage of the best that exists in the Bairrada region to develop a super premium gin.The Baga grape variety was the motto. Among other regions, an intense s..


ADAMVS Old Brandy 20 Years


The brandy ADAMVS Vínica Velhíssima 20 Years is born in Bairrada inspired by the classic Bairrada wines of the 90's, under the empire of the Baga variety!From the robustness of classic Bahian wines of the 90s, a blend with ideal physical-chemical and..