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BARÃO DE VILAR Colheita 1963


Dark color fading to red on the edges of the cup.Wood notes, smoked and dark fruits. Good tear in the glass. Refreshing on the tip of the tongue. A little hot on the palate, with a bit of acidity. Raisins, caramel and some vanilla.Long and strong fin..


portwine, portocolheita, tawny, 1970, baraodevilar, baraodevilarwines

BARÃO DE VILAR Colheita 1970


Colheita is a Port from a single harvest aged in oak casks for, at least, seven years.The Barão de Vilar Colheita Ports have been carefully selected and matured in seasoned oak casks to produce a rich mellowness with finest balance and elegance ..


portowine, baraodevilar, 1989, colheita1989, baraodevilarcolheita1989, oldwhiteportwine, baraodevilarsingleharvest1989

BARÃO DE VILAR Colheita 1989 White


Barão de Vilar 1989 Colheita White presents a very attractive goldish yellow colour and an exceptional light and freshness. A Port full of gentile aroma of liquorish dried fruits and notes of honey of orange tree blossom. On the palate, reveals..


portwine, baraodevilar, portocolheita, 2001, baraodevilarcolheita2001, singleharvest, portsingleharvest

BARÃO DE VILAR Colheita 2001


Colheita Ports have been carefully selected and matured in seasoned oak casks to produce a rich mellowness with finest balance and elegance of old tawnies.Ready to drink, is the perfect finish to any meal as well a delicious dessert wine or wit..


whitewine, dourowine, winefromvilaflor, baraodevilar, baraodevilarwine, 2008

BARÃO DE VILAR Reserva bº 2008 - Douro


Region: Douro (Vila Flor).Obtained from grapes from 25 year old vines, located at 530 meters of altitude, in granite soils and, in the lower areas, slightly clayey, in the parish of Vilas Boa, municipality of Vila Flor.Fermentation took place and, us..


wineport, baraovilar, 28years



A tawny port wine with 28-year-old ... 28 Years of encelência, good taste and great quality! We are sure that does not want to miss ... ..


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KAPUTT bº - Douro


Region: Douro.Producer:  Barão de Vilar.KAPUTT It is a white wine from an old vineyard with several white varieties, some of them very rare, like Dona Branca. After fermentation in new and used barrels, it aged for about six years in used bar..


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KAPUTT Laranja bº - Douro


Region: Douro.Producer: Barão de Vilar.The winemaking process resembles that of red wine, in which fermentation took place in contact with the grape skins (tanning). After alcoholic fermentation, grapes were pressed and all the wine passed into 225L ..


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ZOM Touriga Nacional Grande Reserva tº ...


Region: Douro.Producer: Barão de Vilar.Grapes: Touriga Nacional.Maceration in wine press runs for 24 hours. Fermentation takes place in stainless steel vats for 7 to 12 days at a controlled temperature.A portion of the batch aged for 18 months in Fre..

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