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HERDADE DOS GROUS Moon Harvest tº 2019 ...


Region: Alentejo (Albernoa).Grapes: Alicante Bouschet (100%).Manual harvest during the cycle of greatest influence by the moon on sap transport.Manual selection on sorting table. Inoculation with selected yeasts. Fermentation in mills with prolonged..


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HERDADE DOS GROUS Reserva tº 2004 - Ale...


Region: Alentejo (Albernoa)Grape varieties: Alicante Bouchet (50%), Syrah (30%), Touriga Nacional (20%).We recommend this wine as an accompaniment to a Steak with Pepper, Magret de Pato or Ossobuco à Milanesa. After decanting, serve at a temperature ..


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HERDADE DOS GROUS 23 Barricas tº 2018 -...


Region: AlentejoGrapes: Syrah (60%) and Touriga Nacional (40%). Color deep live grenade. Complex spicy aroma from the wood aging. Taste rich, deep, elegant and long finish profile. Serving Suggestions: Ideal for sophisticated dishes of Mediterr..


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HERDADE DOS GROUS bº 2019 - Alentejo


Region: Alentejo (Albernoa)Grapes: Antão Vaz (50%); Arinto (30%); Roupeiro (20%). Golden green. Lush aroma of tropical fruits. Flavor rich in fruit, fine, elegant and with good balance of acidity. Should be served at a temperature of 12-14ºC. Ac..


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HERDADE DOS GROUS Reserva tº 2015 - Ale...


Region: Alentejo (Albernoa)Grapes: Alicante Bouschet (50%), Tinta Miúda (30%) and Touriga Nacional (20%). Color deep live grenade. Ripe fruit well integrated complex aroma with the wood of the stage in barrels. Flavor rich in fruit, very concentra..


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HERDADE DOS GROUS Reserva white 2018


HERDADE DOS GROUS Reserva white is born in Albernôa and shows us a golden color. Fruit aroma that suggests peach and lime well integrated with notes of vanilla from the wood where it fermented. Flavor rich in fruit, fine, mineral and with good volume..


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HERDADE DOS GROUS tº 2018 - Alentejo


Region: Alentejo (Albernoa)Grapes: Alicante Bouschet (30%), Syrah (15%), National Touriga (20%) of Aragones (35%). Color deep live grenade. Aroma ripe fruit complex and mint. Flavor rich in fruit, concentrated, soft tannin structure and long finis..

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