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DALVA 10 Years Dry White


Region: Douro.Aged in very old French oak casks, they show very intense and persistent aromas and flavors, in the mouth, elegant and unctuous.Dalva 10 Years Old Dry White has a golden color, with elegant aromas reminiscent of ripe mandarin and dried ..


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FERREIRA Dona Antónia 10 Years White


Very loaded in color, it shows very good complexity in the aroma, rich in notes of fruit in syrup, plus roasted almonds, all with a lot of richness and olfactory impact. Very well in the mouth, soft and plump but always without losing the fresh and e..


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FONSECA 10 Years


Fonseca 10 Year Old Tawny is russet in colour with brilliant crimson highlights and a fragrant, ripe-fruit bouquet. Its smooth, silky texture and subtle oak nuances are balanced by a fresh acidity and tannic "grip" that culminate in a long, elegant, ..


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VISTA ALEGRE 10 Years White


Complex aroma, highlighting the nuts (hazelnuts, walnuts, toasted almonds), combined with citrus flavors such as tangerine peel. The palate is full, fresh, well balanced acidity characterize your palate medium dry. ..


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WINE & SOUL 10 Years


Old Wine & Soul vineyards located in the Pinhão River valley with around 30 traditional Douro grape varieties. The grapes previously selected and destemmed, fermented in mills with treading on foot. The aging took place in old Portuguese brown ca..


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DALVA 10 Years


Auburn color. Deep aroma and dried fruit compote. Very balanced in the mouth, delicate, with fruit and spices, spicy notes in the fresh, lingering finish. Harmonizes well with all kinds of desserts, especially those prepared containing eggs and n..


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DOW'S 10 Years


Producer: SymingonIt features a bright amber color with aromas of candied fruit and toffee, beautifully combined with some ripe fruit. On the palate sophisticated tastes nutty, with a perfect balance and a wonderful long finish. Combines well with..


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Porto Ferreira Dona Antónia 10 Years is a special wine, a Tawny Port with age indication symbol of the perfect alliance between the unique nature of the Douro and the expertise of man, in a harmony of knowledge established at Ferreira over 250 years ..


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GRAHAM'S 10 Years


It has a deep tawny (orange-red) color. On the nose, complex aromas of nuts combined with notes of honey and figs. On the palate, rich, ripe, velvety fruity flavors, with a delicious, rich and long finish.Perfectly accompanies sweet pastries, such as..


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NIEPOORT 10 Years White


A unique, distinctive and classic-style Porto, created for the first time by the house in question, due to the exceptional quality of some old white Porto lots.Vinification: white grapes undergo long maceration with the skins and are trodden on foot...


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TAYLOR'S 10 Years


Taylor's 10 years old is an excellent example of an old Tawny Port, made from full-bodied and concentrated red wines, from the best vineyards in the region of Cima Corgo and Alto Douro. The selected wines age individually in oak casks for an average ..

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