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DALVA 10 Years Dry White


Aged in very old French oak casks, they show very intense and persistent aromas and flavors, in the mouth, elegant and unctuous.It can be drunk solo or with a variety of appetizers, such as smoked salmon, Iberian ham or foie gras...


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FERREIRA Dona Antónia 10 Years White


Very loaded in color, it shows very good complexity in the aroma, rich in notes of fruit in syrup, plus roasted almonds, all with a lot of richness and olfactory impact. Very well in the mouth, soft and plump but always without losing the fresh and e..


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FONSECA 10 Years


Fonseca was founded in 1815. Since then, four families have shaped its destiny. The story begins with the Fonsecas and Monteiros, the original founders of the business. Then came the Guimaraens family, who led the company for over a century and estab..


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In 1877, D. Antónia Adelaide Ferreira, already the owner of the largest agricultural heritage in the Douro, bought 300 hectares of virgin land at public auction from the Vila Nova de Foz Côa council. Her dream was to build a model farm from scratch, ..


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ROZÈS 10 Years Menina


A Vranken Pommery Monopole Group company since 1999, Rozès has a centuries-old history linked to the Douro. The first Port Wine exporting group to establish itself in the Douro Region, Rozès has solidified its presence in national and international m..


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VISTA ALEGRE 10 Years White


Complex aroma, highlighting the nuts (hazelnuts, walnuts, toasted almonds), combined with citrus flavors such as tangerine peel. The palate is full, fresh, well balanced acidity characterize your palate medium dry. ..


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DOW'S 10 Years


A tawny port from the Symington company that goes very well with all kinds of tarts, such as apple and cinnamon tarts. Try it slightly cool to appreciate all the complexity and voluptuousness of this wine. An excellent alternative to Vintage, in less..


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Porto Ferreira Dona Antónia 10 Years is a special wine, a Tawny Port with age indication symbol of the perfect alliance between the unique nature of the Douro and the expertise of man, in a harmony of knowledge established at Ferreira over 250 years ..


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GRAHAM'S 10 Years


Graham's is an independent company, 100% owned by the Symington family, Port producers since the 19th century and whose ancestors were responsible for the first Port exports in 1652.It has a deep tawny (orange-red) color. On the nose, complex nutty a..


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NIEPOORT 10 Years White


A unique, distinctive and classic-style Porto, created for the first time by the house in question, due to the exceptional quality of some old white Porto lots.Vinification: white grapes undergo long maceration with the skins and are trodden on foot...


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TAYLOR'S 10 Years


Taylor's 10 years old is an excellent example of an old Tawny Port, made from full-bodied and concentrated red wines, from the best vineyards in the region of Cima Corgo and Alto Douro. The selected wines age individually in oak casks for an average ..

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