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BARBEITO 20 Years Ribeiro Real Verdelho...


Region: Madeira Island.Grapes: Verdelho, Tinta Negra. Golden colour with green tinges. Exuberant and intensely perfumed, revealing an excellent complexity and elegance. Lingering in the mouth with surprising intensity and smoothness. Excellent ..


winemadeira, barbeito, malvasia, 20years, madeira20years, barbeitomalvasia, barbeito20years

BARBEITO 20 Years Malvasia - Madeira Isl...


Region: Madeira Island.Grapes: MalvasiaIn 2001 was produced the first 20 years old Malvasia. This is eighth blend since then but, I always face a great challenge when the time comes to produce another lot as it requires much reflection. The endi..


winemadeira, ribeiroreal, sercial, 20years, barbeito, barbeitosercial, barbeito20years, barbeitoribeiroreal

BARBEITO 20 Years Ribeiro Real Sercial ...


Region: Madeira IslandGrapes: Sercial.“The Ribeiro Real vineyards from Estreito de Câmara de Lobos spread over the south side of Madeira, fully exposed to the sun at an elevation of about 200 metres above sea level. Great Madeira wines originate..


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Region: Colômbia (Cartagena de Indias - Nueva Granada).Made from the fermentation of distilled sugar cane honey, partly in a copper still and partly in a continuous steel column, medium-bodied rum aged in oak barrels in a single solera.It presents an..


portwine, dows, 20yearsportwine, 20yearsport, dows20years, symington

DOW'S 20 Years


Producer: SymingtonWith a shiny brownish center and an amber-orange halo, this wine has honeysuckle aromas and discreet buttery caramel notes. Balanced in the mouth, it has fresh, round tannins that blend with concentrated red fruits.Dow’s Tawny 20 Y..


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ANDRESEN 20 Years White


Region: Douro.Grapes: Old Vines of Fine Malvasia, Códega, Rabigato, Arinto and Fernão Pires.Amber color.Abundant aroma of yellow dried fruit (peach and apricot), with notes of honey and slight nuances of beeswax.Soft and delicate palate with notes of..


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BLANDY'S 20 Years Terrantez - Madeira Is...


Grapes: Terrantez.Topaz color with a golden halo on top. An elegant bouquet of dried fruits, wood and spices. Fresh, dried and concentrated medium, with a very balanced acidity. Final long mouth, spices, dried fruit and wood. It is excellent as an..


portwine, ferreira, 20yearsport, 20yearsportwine, sogrape, ferreira20yeras, ferreiraportwine



Has an attractive tawny color with coppery hues. Its intense bouquet reveals nuances features a balanced aging by oxidation: dry fruits, spices and a "suggestion" of ripe fruit and jam. The palate is full-bodied, soft, smooth and velvety wine with ve..


portwine, fonseca, 20years, 20yearsportwine, 20yearsport, fonseca20years, fladgatepartnership

FONSECA 20 Years


Tawny Fonseca 20 Years Old is a deep amber color, with brownish highlights. Its splendid bouquet is a complex marriage between ripe fruit and honeydew, traces of spice such as cinnamon, butter caramel and subtle nuances of wood.Awards:WINE SPACTATOR ..


portwine, grahams, 20years, 20yearsport, 20yearsportwine, grahams20years, symington

GRAHAM'S 20 Years


Graham’s 20 Years is produced from wines of the highest quality that, after careful selection, are aged in 534 liter oak casks until the peak of maturity is reached.It is essential to find the right balance between the delicacy and elegance that resu..


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20 Years Quinta do Bom Retiro It is a blend with an average age of 20 years, made from a selection of several lots originating in one of the oldest vineyards in the Douro region - "Quinta do Bom Retiro". The ageing and maturing experience in the wo..

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