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ATAÍDE SEMEDO Cuvée Reserva Bruto


ATAÍDE SEMEDO Cuvée Reserva Bruto is a small production sparkling wine from Bairrada with some complexity!Ataíde Semedo led the Quinta da Dôna that marked the history of Bairrada with classy reds such as 1992, revealing with some producers such as Lu..


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The American Hiram Walker founded, in 1858, in the city of Detroit, a distiller and produced whiskey under the trade name of Hiram Walker's Club Whiskey. At this time, the state of Michigan was trying to pass a dry law and not to be hit by the restri..


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SIDÓNIO DE SOUSA Reserva white 2019


Region: Bairrada (Anadia).Grapes: Bical 50%, Cercial 45%, Maria Gomes 5%.SIDÓNIO DE SOUSA Citrus color reserve, fresh and elegant aroma In the mouth it has excellent acidity without becoming aggressive, good structure and irreverence.Ideal to accompa..

Showing 1 to 3 of 3 (1 Pages)