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A Proibida tinto 2018


Savvy and resistant, Queen Isabella has ensured since the attack of phylloxera in the 19th century, the continuation of vines and wine in the islands to this day. For many...it is not part of the customs. This "Isabella", the Forbidden, values the hi..


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ARINTO DOS AÇORES by António Maçanita...


100% Arinto dos Açores by António Maçanita. Arinto dos Açores is an autochthonous variety exclusive to the Azores islands, having in common with Arinto on the mainland only the name and good acidity.A unique terroir in the world, in the middle of the..


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A unique terroir in the world, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, at the base of the volcanic mountain of Pico, the vineyards are planted in the crevices of the rock, next to the sea, where you can hear the "crab singing", because it is here that t..


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BAGA AO SOL red 2019


Baga ao Sol is one of the latest black ribbon projects by António Maçanita, working with the berry caste in the middle of Alentejo!Charismatic and famous for its freshness and rusticity, Baga marks both a style of wine and the identity of an entire r..


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BRANCO Vulcânico white 2021


The history of António Maçanita and Azores wines is long and part of his family connection, on the paternal side, since his father is Azorean. After several projects to recover grape varieties in the Azores, António joined Paulo Machado and Filipe Ro..


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Caracol dos Profetas Fazendas de Areia w...


The Caracol variety is one of the traditional varieties of the island of Porto Santo. There are several stories and myths about its potential origin, such as that it was a Mr. Snail who will have brought it and planted it. However, the scientific lit..


whitewine, winefrommadeira, madeirawine, antoniomacanita, caracoldosprofetas, companhiadosvinhosdosprofetasedosviloes

Caracol dos Profetas white 2021


This single varietal Caracol was born by the hands of the winemaker António Maçanita in the project Companhia de Vinhos dos Prophets e dos Villões.In this Madeiran table wine, the grapes were harvested manually on the island of Porto Santo and loaded..


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CHÃO DOS EREMITAS Tinta Carvalha tinto ...


100% Oak Paint. Tinta Carvalha is a variety from the old Alentejo vine, 1/2 sister of Castelão and Moreto and daughter of the crossing of Sarigo x Alfrocheiro Preto.A 100% Tinta Carvalha, the only 100% wine of this variety in Portugal. A disconcertin..


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FITA PRETA Cuvée Non Millesime rosé


An “undated” Rosé that combines the freshness of younger harvests with the complexity of the aging on lees, which only older harvests can give. It's fine and complex, yet fresh and simple, just like a great Rosé should be.The curls are carefully sele..


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The island of Porto Santo emerged 14 million years ago in the Atlantic Ocean, being geologically one of the oldest islands in the Portuguese archipelagos. It was also the first to be discovered by Zarco in 1418. The ancients say that this was where t..


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MAÇANITA Os Canivéis red 2019


The Canivéis are a set of plots located in the parish of Carlão where we find the transition soils from schist to granite. This vineyard shows a composition of 11 varieties. The result is a unique wine that excites for what is yet to be explored in t..


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MOINANTE Curtimenta white 2019


Region: Alentejo.Producer: Mainova.Grapes: Antão Vaz, Arinto, Verdelho, Encruzado.Straw yellow color.Intense nose with notes of orange blossom.Dense wine, in which acidity is present and is structuring. Good greasiness and is a wine that ends with a ..

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