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APHROS Melissae bº 2018 - V. Verdes


Region: Vinho Verde (Vale do Lima).Grapes: Loureiro.Melissae is a white wine named after honey nymphs, constituting “a tribute to bees”, as Vasco Croft notes in his presentation. It is a wine "with intense floral aromas reminiscent of the nectar" har..


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PHAUNUS Pet Nat Brut - V. Verde


Region: Vinho Verde.Producer: Aphros Wine.Grapes: Loureiro.Skin maceration / Pressing / Fermentation between 14 and 160 C in stainless steel vats, finished in bottle / Dégorgement after 5 months - Old Method, made from a single fermentation without a..

Showing 1 to 2 of 2 (1 Pages)