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Region: Vinho Verde.Producer: Quinta da Aveleda.Grapes: Vinhão, Azal Tinto, Borraçal, Espadeiro.Amber color and intense hue, has a very rich and complex aroma, highlighting the aromas of berries and nuts, surrounded by a delicate sense of smell and..


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ADEGA VELHA 13 Anos Double Aging


Region: Vinho Verde.Producer: Quinta da Aveleda.Grapes: Vinhão, Azal Tinto, Borraçal e Espadeiro.After a long rest of twelve years in wine spirit casks, this precious nectar absorved a distinctive profile in a final stage of one year in Vale D. Maria..


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ALEXANDER Grappa Platinum


Region: Italy (Valpolicella / Veneto).Grappa is perfect after meals. It can be drunk cold or even chilled. It is an ingredient for cocktails and long drinks. It can accompany the tasting of dark chocolate. It is traditionally used to correct the espr..


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BLANDY'S Malmsey Colheita 2012 - Madeira...


Region: MadeiraGrapes: Malvasia.Fermentation with natural yeasts between in stainless steel vats with controlled temperature. Approx. 48 hours the fortification is made with wine alcohol (96% v / v), in order to conserve the desired natural sugar con..


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Cardenal Mendoza Classico brandy is a Solera Gran Reserva, the largest category within the board that regulates Brandy de Jerez. The grapes of the highest quality are aged by the traditional method of soleras and Criaderas. The brandy Cardenal Mendoz..


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Chancella is obtained from selected wine spirits. Aged for several years in national oak barrels, after which the final blend is made. When it is in its ideal condition, it is filtered and stabilized through the cold.Dark golden in color and greenish..


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COVELA Fruitball


Produced in traditional copper alembic and with double distillation, the spirits had a stage and preservation in stainless steel, resulting in clear and transparent spirits. Covela Fruitball is a fruity and soft, made from a selection of the most ..


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Brandy Croft is produced at “Casa Croft”, one of the oldest Port wine exporters, a symbol of tradition and quality that since 1678 has signed the best nectars of tradition and quality in the Douro. Croft is produced based on a formulation established..


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DALVA VSOP Extra Especial


BRANDY V.S.O.P. (Very Special Old Pale) - (Youngest Brandy used in a blend Brandy VSOP will have at least four years, but the average is much older). The aging of the VSOP Brandy is made ​​by C. da Silva for over a century. For this purpose we use..


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LEPANTO Gran Reserva Solera


Region: Spain (Jerez)Lepanto is the only Solera Gran Reserva brandy produced exclusively with Palomino grapes. Distilled twice, ripening takes place for approximately 12 years in oak vats previously used to ripen Uncle Pepe sherry and follows the cla..

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