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Glass RIEDEL Fatto À Mano Champagne BOX...


This set contains 6 pieces Fatto A Mano Champagne Wine Glass in 6 different colours (black, dark blue, green, red, white and yellow). The exceptional handmade Champagne Wine glass of the eye-catching glass collection Fatto A Mano stands out ..


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Glass RIEDEL Performance Champagne 6884/...


Performance is the first series of Riedel Wine Glasses to feature the glass with a light optical effect. Detailed research by the Riedel family to enhance the wine's organoleptic experience has shown that increasing the internal surface of the glass ..


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Glass RIEDEL Vinum Champagne 6416/8


The RIEDEL VINUM collection (1986) was the first ever mechanical production glass line inspired by the characteristics of the grape varieties. The VINUM line was not developed on a drawing board but in performance-based testing workshops where conten..


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Glass RIEDEL Vinum Prestige Cuvée 6416/...


Vinum became the first machine-made glass in history to be based on the characteristics of grape varietals. VINUM was not developed on a drawing board, but in tasting workshops, based on performance, where the content commands the shape. The pl..

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