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Decanter RIEDEL Evchen ref 1950/15


The Evchen Decanter is a smaller version of the Eve Decanter.Mouth blown from lead-free crystal, it allows you to double decant your wine - by rotating the decanter once on its axis, wine flows through the first chamber and is aerated before the perf..


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Decanter RIEDEL Mosel 2019/03


Specially designed for vintage red wines, young white wines, champagnes and orange wine, is the Mosel decanter a beautiful complement to the RIEDEL "M" decanter collection - modern trend towards casual dining. The tall, slender shape of the ..


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Decanter RIEDEL Performance Magnum 1490/...


The machine-made Decanter RIEDEL Performance Magnum distinguishes by an elegant and complex design. RIEDEL whole-heartedly believes all wines - young and old, red, white or sparkling - can be enhanced by decanting. ..


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Decanter RIEDEL Winewings 2007/02S1


The RIEDEL Winewings decanter is a colourful and elegant recreation of RIEDEL's Swan decanter as a compliment to the Winewings glass series.First designed in 2008, Swan's striking elongated curves make it an incredible statement piece, with the grace..

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