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CISTUS Concilivm red 2017


Produced at Quinta do Vale da Perdiz which is located in the heart of the Douro Superior, near Torre de Moncorvo. The Quinta's fourteen hectares of vineyards are arranged in terraces on both sides of the valley that gives it its name. In the vineyard..


whitewine, portuguesewine, winefromdouro, dourowine, muxagat, dourosuperior, rabigato

MUXAGAT white 2020


ReA secular village with a history dedicated to religious orders and agriculture, in a rough and austere territory, where the cold is really felt throughout the winter and which in the summer resembles the aridity of a desert. Wine, this one, has alw..


redwine, douro, dourosuperior, proibidocapela

PROIBIDO Á Capela tº 2020 - Douro


Region: Douro (Upper Douro).With grapes from the Upper Douro, namely from a vineyard about 50 years old, 10% white grapes and 90% red grapes. Grapes destemmed by hand. Most winemaking is done without electricity.Forbidden and Permitted wines increasi..


redwine, douro, dourosuperior, proibido, mourisco, marufo

PROIBIDO Marufo red 2020


Region: Douro (Upper Douro).Grapes: Mourisco.The Marufo variety, very present in the old vineyards, has already entered our best lots since 2012.With grapes from the Upper Douro, namely from a vineyard around 30 years old, we find an almost extreme p..


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Region: Douro (Freixo de Numão).Grapes: Touriga Nacional, Jaen, Souzão.A very intense and very fresh aroma, showing the fresh summer nights in altitude in the Upper Douro, marked by violets, black and red fruits characteristic of the grapes that gave..

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