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BLOOM London Dry


Bloom Premium London Dry Gin is a high quality Gin that offers a totally original flavor. Try it and you will find it extremely delicate in your mouth. It is infused with nature: floral notes that start with a delicate touch of honeysuckle heated by ..


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Region: USA (Kentucky)Bulleit Bourbon is inspired by the whiskey pioneered by Augustus Bulleit over 150 years ago. Only ingredients of the very highest quality are used. The subtlety and complexity of Bulleit Bourbon come from its unique blend ..


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CHATEAU MUSAR branco 2012


This white wine is born at Chateau Musar in the Bekka Valley region in Lebanon and is described as "Sauternes Secos" by its tasting notes!Truly unique and singular wines that will delight the Portuguese oenophiles!Chateau Musar is fermented in French..


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DALVA 10 Years Dry White


Region: Douro.Aged in very old French oak casks, they show very intense and persistent aromas and flavors, in the mouth, elegant and unctuous.Dalva 10 Years Old Dry White has a golden color, with elegant aromas reminiscent of ripe mandarin and dried ..


portwine, dalva, drywhite, 40years, 40yearsport, portdrywhite

DALVA 40 Anos Dry White


It has bright amber color and aromas of ripe tangerine, almonds, exotic resins and delicate toasty. Voluminous mouth, with a nice freshness acid to give elegance and persistence end. Serve slightly cooled between 12 and 13 ° C in an appropriate g..


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FONSECA Siroco Dry White


In most countries, Ports is traditionally enjoyed at the end of the meal.  The exception is white Port, especially the drier style which makes an excellent aperitif. It is a blend of classic white Port grape varieties, predominantly Malvasia ..


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GOBLET bº 2016 - Douro


Region: Douro (Panalto Mirandês).Producer: Portugal Boutique Winery."Grapes of the Mirandese Planalto Very well in the aroma, subtle, all mineral and with character, wild and elder note, aromatic profile tense and dry.The mouth-proof is in line with ..


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Gin Ish returns with a dry gin, a traditional London style, but with an extra dose of juniper. It is the revival of a very British gin, ideal for Gin Tonicos or dry Martini. ..


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In every drop is the essence of the herbs, citrus fruits and rare woods that make up this secret recipe. Launched on January 1, 1900, its accentuated citrus aromas and remnants of raspberry have become a mainstay of the cocktail that dominated the ce..


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Region: France (Marsellha).NOILLY PRAT Dry has a very attractive herbal nose with a quiet and notes of must. Bittersweet in the mouth with a slight note of ginger, a cinnamon, a clove and a green apple. Very attractive...


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OLD RAJ Dry Gin 46º


Region: Scotland.Gin produced with the guarantee of one of the oldest pure malt whiskey bottling companies, Cadenhead, which was founded in Aberdeen in 1872.Old Raj is a lovely gin complex with aromas of coriander, juniper, anise, lily root, pepper, ..


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SOALHEIRO Granit bº 2019 - V.Verdes


Region: Vinho Verde (Melgaço).Grapes: Alvarinho.The Granit Soilier reveals the more mineral side of the Alvarinho variety. It is a Alvarinho that leaves a specific selection of vineyards planted above 200 meters of altitude, revealing the minerality ..

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