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cognac, camus, vsop, elegance, camusvsop



Deep amber tone.Round notes of fruits (including a citrus kick of grapefruit), some almond aromas.Fresh and delicately sweet, hints of wood with nutty notes, a smooth finish of vanilla, caramel and oak...


port, wine, messias, porto, vintage, 1983, douro, touriga, nacional, franca, tinta, barroca, roriz, tinto, cao, elegance, ripe, fruits, wild, blackberry, mouth, long, ana, urbano, ruby

MESSIAS Quinta do Cachão Vintage 1983


Region: Douro.Producer: Soc. Com. Messias Wine.Grapes: Touriga Nacional, Touriga Franca, Tinta Barroca, Tinta Roriz, Tinto Cão.Wine with a good evolution of the aromas of reduction, with elegance and wine. It stands out the ripe fruit, with notes of ..


wine, red, douro, jose, brito, cunha, complex, floral, fruity, power, elegance

QUINTA S. JOSÉ Reserva tº 2017 - Douro


Region: Douro (S. João da Pesqueira)Grapes: 45% Touriga Nacional, 55% Old Vines with about 50 yearsHand-picked grapes for 25kg boxes at their ideal ripening point; intended to have a vigorous maturation, leading to higher aromatic and polyphenolic co..


winered, douro, mariafranciscavale, cristianovanzeller, pesqueira, tourigafranca, sousao, rufete, nacional, aok, french, violet, ripefruit, blackcherry, plum, elegance, raspberry, fruity

QUINTA VALE D.MARIA Vinha Francisca tº ...


Region: Douro (S. João da Pesqueira).Grapes: Tinta Francisca, Touriga Franca, Sousão, Rufete, Touriga Nacional.In 2004, winemaker Cristiano Van Zeller, in order to celebrate the 18th birthday of his daughter Francisca, planted a vineyard with Tinta F..


redwine, dourowine, curriculumvitae, cv, fruit, cherry, plum, long, oak, powerful, elegance

CV tº 2015 - Douro


Region: DouroThe CV - Curriculum Vitae has a very deep color, with violet and purple tints, a stunning, yet soft, concentration of very ripe black fruit, black cherry and plum. The long aging in oak casks cast their powerful tannins, concentrating th..


wine, white, green, vanilla, citrus, elegance, vegetables, voluminous, mineral, honey, anselmomendes, moncao, wood, frenchoak, alvarinho

MUROS MELGAÇO Alvarinho bº 2018 - V.Ve...


Region: Vinhos Verdes (Monção).Grapes: AlvarinhoThe Muros de Melgaço ferments and ageing in French oak barrels.Excellent nose, with wood well pronounced at the end, appearing in complex notes of vanilla, citrus, vegetables, pineapple, all with great ..


wine, white, green, minerality, elegance, tropical, mineral, melgaco, luiscerdeira, clams, fish, poultry, tropical, mineral

SOALHEIRO Alvarinho bº 2019 - V.Verdes


Region: Vinho Verde (Melgaço).Grapes: Alvarinho.A Classic in the house. Aromatic freshness of Alvarinho variety, intensity and unusual bottle longevity.The Alvarinho Soalheiro winemaking is directed to obtain a wine that concentrates the quality of t..

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