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wine, white, dao, serra, estrela, gouveia, casa, passarela, paulo, nunes, curtimenta, fugitivo, encruzado, uva, cao, bical, terrantez, madeira, barrique, oak, fruit, white, mineral, notes, balsamic, citrus, honey, mouth, long, persistent, cheese, strong, meat, fishes, roasty, stuffed, chanfana, pickeld

CASA DA PASSARELA O Fugitivo Curtimenta ...


Region: Dão (Gouveia - Serra da Estrela).Grapes: Encruzado, Uva Cão, Bical, Terrantez.A concept for wines that happen.For unique conditions in unique years. by constant concern, a challenge to all standards. They could be called "collection wines", b..


wine, white, dao, druida, encruzado, reserve

DRUIDA Encruzado Reserva bº 2018 - Dão


Druid is a white wine made almost by hand, with a special selection of grapes from old vines of the variety Encruzado. These vineyards, located at an altitude of 500 meters, with a privileged view of Serra da Estrela, are true sources of freshness an..


wine, white, dao, mob, encruzado, bical, moreira, olazabal, borges

M.O.B. Vinha Senna bº 2018 - Dão


Grapes: Encruzado and Bical. MOB is the initials of the names Moreira, Olazabal, Borges, a joint venture of wine producers Jorge Moreira (Poeira), Francisco Olazabal (Quinta do Vale Meão) and Jorge Borges Serôdio (Wine & Soul). Very soft fr..


wine, white, pellada, primus, encruzado, dao

QUINTA DA PELLADA Primus bº 2015 - Dão


"Primus" (First) is the harmony between exuberance and longevity. Exotic fruit, citrus and an ideal marriage of minerality, texture and acidity. This wine under Encruzado predominance of caste, among many other varieties planted in the old vine Pe..


wine, white, dao, carvalhais, encruzado, almond, asparagus, oak, mineral

QUINTA DOS CARVALHAIS Encruzado bº 2018...


This wine has a light straw yellow color. The aroma stands a slight aroma of asparagus, typical of Encruzado caste., Enriched with mineral notes and white berries. Still find themselves nuances of dried fruit and almond aroma from the French oak barr..


wine, white, dao, fonte, ouro, encruzado

QUINTA FONTE DO OURO Encruzado bº 2015 ...


Grapes: Encruzado. Winemaking: After skin contact and pressing, the clean must fermented in new oak barrels. After fermentation, the wine aged in barrels for four months with batonage. Bright citrus color. Aroma fruity citrus / tropical (pinea..


wine, white, dao, ribeiro, santo, automatico, encruzado

RIBEIRO SANTO Automático bº 2017 - Dã...


Grapes: Encruzado. The grapes were harvested by hand, in small boxes of 18 kg, according to a careful selection of the best grapes in the vineyard. The grapes were crushed and not only pressed and only used the wort depletion now to a small stainl..


wine, red, dao, ribeiro, santo, encruzado, touriga, nacional

RIBEIRO SANTO E.T. tº 2013 - Dão


Grapes: Encruzado, Touriga Nacional. "At the time I started my career winemaker, many of the wines produced in the Dão region were still coming from vines mixture of varieties. The red grapes and white vinified together originated fragrant, sweet ..


wine, white, ribeiro, santo, encruzado

RIBEIRO SANTO Encruzado bº 2017 - Dão


Clear color, with green shades. Delicate aroma, with notes of lemon, green apple and dry linden blossom. In the palate it shows mineral fresh fruit, citric acidity and an excellent balance. The harvest took place in the second week of September. T..


wine, white, dao, ribeiro, santo, vinha, neve, encruzado

RIBEIRO SANTO Vinha da Neve bº 2016 - D...


Grapes: Encruzado. The grapes were cooled before crushing and made cold maceration in the press before pressing. Alcoholic fermentation in stainless steel tanks began and ended in new French oak barrels. During the barrel aging was made battonage...


wine, white, dao, sao, matias, encruzado, malvasia, bical

SÃO MATIAS bº 2014 - Dão


Grapes: Encruzado, Malvasia Fina, Bical. Winemaking: After foil and pressing contact, the clean must fermented at 16 ° C. After fermentation, the wine aged in vats for three months with batonage. Fresh and fruity, with tree fruit notes as disc..

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