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carcavelos, villa, oeiras, 15, arinto, galego, dourado, ratinho

Carcavelos VILLA OEIRAS 15 Anos


Varieties: Arinto, Galego Dourado and Mouse. Manual harvesting. Fermentation with the addition of wine spirit to 77% (from the Lourinhã Region) in the midst of the fermentation process. Aging in Portuguese and French oak barrels for an average pe..


portwine, symington, grahams, tonicport, malvasiafina, moscatelgalego

GRAHAM'S Blend Nº5


The release of Blend Nº 5 white medium dry follows the increasing popularity of White Port & Tonic as an aperitif.Whereas most white ports are made up of a mixed field blend of white grape varieties, Blend Nº5 consistes of two Portuguese grape va..


whitewine, douro, portugalwineboutiquery, guyot, moscatelgalego

GUYOT Moscatel Galego bº 2018 - Douro


Region: Douro (Mirandese Plateau).Grape Varieties: Moscatel Galego.Grapes from a 30 year old vineyard plot with an altitude of 600mt.Exuberant aroma with a lot of purity, where predominate floristic characteristics, lions bark, light and vegetal.Eleg..


espirituosas, gin, nordes, alvarinho, galego, premium



Nordés. Um gin Galego do Atlântico. Feito com Alvarinho destilado  e 15 ervas na Galiza, incluindo também, algas da costas Atlântica que lhe oferece um forte carácter Galego. Este  gin acaba por ser diferente de todos os outros e como..


wine, white, sado, piloto.moscatel, galego, roxo

PILOTO Collection Roxo bº 2018 - Penins...


Grape varieties: Moscatel Galego Roxo. It's a limited edition. Made from a singular and rare caste, which gives the wines intense floral notes, making it unique, fresh, with an excellent minerality and long finish. Bright yellow color with gray..


vinho, branco, douro, malvasiafina, viosinho, moscatelgalego, fresco, tropical, vegetal, symington, charles, pedro, correia

ALTANO bº 2018 - Douro


Region: Douro.Grapes: Malvasia Fina, Viosinho, Moscatel Galego.Producer: Symington.This white wine from the Douro Valley is produced from grapes grown from the highest vineyards, with a cooler climate. The winemakers sought some skin contact, so as t..


wine, white, douro, vallado, moscatelgalego, franciscoolazabal

VALLADO Prima Moscatel Galego bº 2018 -...


Region: Douro.Grapes:  Moscatel Galego BrancoThe Quinta do Vallado Moscatel Galego differs from the classical Muscatel to be dry. This wine comes from two vineyards: 50% of an old vineyard Muscat with more than 30 years and 50% of a plant vines ..

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