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BARROS Colheita 1983


Barros wines are a celebration of Portuguese talent. They are the expression of a talent that is ours, refined by experience and knowledge. They were born at the troubled beginning of the 20th century, in 1913, and managed to assert themselves until ..


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BORGES Reserva branco 2017


A complex and elaborate wine that reflects Borges' experience of over 130 years.Borges Reserva wines sum up Borges' tradition and know-how in the production of quality wines. They are wines from two of the oldest and most emblematic Portuguese wine r..


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Buckle up. Bushmills Single Malt Whiskey 16 year old is is truly one of the great whiskeys of the world. Aged for about 15 years in a combination of Oloroso Sherry and bourbon-seasoned casks, and then finished for about 9 months in port wine pipes (l..


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CANNED José Peña Fried Mussels in Esca...


Gourmet preserves that guarantee the excellence of a selection of the best raw materials and craftsmanship.From the Galician estuaries, hand-wrapped mussels that are fried before being placed in the can. This is how they release the water they have i..


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CANNED José Peña Razor Clam Natural


Gourmet preserves that guarantee excellence thanks to a selection of the best raw materials and artisan work.Of the Galician estuaries, just by opening the can, either for that firm and consistent texture that accompanies its juicy and delicate flavo..


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CANNED José Peña Ventresca de Bonito i...


Heirs of more than 90 years of history and craftsmanship and three generations dedicated to the production of canned fish and seafood of the highest quality.Handcrafted and superior quality. Fish with a lot of fat, pink in color and very juicy.Firm a..


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CANNED Minerva Tuna Paste


75 Years of tradition A figure of Greek-Roman mythology, Minerva, goddess of excellence and wisdom, she's the patron of Poveira's flagship brand, conveying its values and products: quality and excellence. The Minerva canned fish brand ..


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CARACOLETE white 2015


Caracolete is the last Quinta de Baixo wine to be announced." Gives time " - This is the key to understanding this Bairrada wine that is born, as well as many other Niepoort Vinhos wines, from old vines. It is fermented for 5 years, and for this reas..


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CASA DA PASSARELLA Villa Oliveira Encruz...


A project by Gouveia - Serra da Estrela with oenology by Paulo Nunes.A concept for wines that happen. For unique conditions in unique years. by constant restlessness, a challenge to all norms. They could be called "collection wines", but they are mos..


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CASA DA PASSARELLA Villa Oliveira Tourig...


A project by Gouveia - Serra da Estrela with oenology by Paulo Nunes.A concept for wines that happen. For unique conditions in unique years. by constant restlessness, a challenge to all norms. They could be called "collection wines", but they are mos..


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CASAL SANTA MARIA Malvasia white 2019


Casal Santa Maria wines are the result of the expression of nature and the unique terroir that surrounds the vineyards, which are located on the coastline of the Sintra mountains.As a natural barrier, the Sintra mountain range extends the influence o..


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CASILLERO DEL DIABLO Chardonnay white 20...


Casillero del Diablo Chardonnay has wines located a few kilometers from the Pacific Ocean coast. The constant breezes coming from the sea moderate the temperatures in the area, giving this variety a marked freshness. You alone do Vale de Limarí lhe o..

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