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PAÇO DOS INFANTES Antão Vaz bº 2019 -...


Region: Alentejo.Producer: Herdade da Lisboa.Grapes: Antão Vaz.Winemaker: Ricardo Xarepe Silva , António Selas...


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PAÇO DOS INFANTES Rosé 2019 - Alentejo


Region: Alentejo.Grapess: 100% Touriga NacionalPale salmon color. Lush aroma of fresh fruit, blueberry and floral notes. In the mouth the excellent acidity gives it a remarkable freshness, has a good structure and a wide and tasty finish.PAÇO DOS INF..


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PAÇO DOS INFANTES Touriga Nacional tº ...


Region: Alentejo.Producer: Herdade da Lisboa.Ferments and ages in French oak barrels for 10 months.Deep ruby color.Aroma dominated by fruit, ripe cherry and fresh plum, in perfect balance with light toasted notes from the wooden stage. The fine and w..


magnumbottle, portuguesewine, winefromalentejo, touriganacional, herdadedalisboa, garrafeiratiopepe, buy, online

PAÇO DOS INFANTES Touriga Nacional tº ...


Region: Alentejo.Grapes: Touriga Nacional.Producer: Herdade da Lisboa.Ferments and ages in French oak barrels for 10 months.Deep ruby color.Aroma dominated by fruit, ripe cherry and fresh plum, in perfect balance with light toasted notes from the woo..


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PASSAGEM Reserva bº 2018 - Douro


Region: Douro.Quinta das Bandeiras is in front, on the other side of the river, of the famous Vale do Meão, in the heart of the Douro Superior. It is crossed by the abandoned railway line that connected Pocinho to Barca-de-Alva, hence the name Passag..


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PEQUENOS REBENTOS Loureiro V.Velhas bº ...


PEQUENOS REBENTOS born from a 28 year-old Loureiro vineyard, this elegant, fresh and mineral wine was fermented with indigenous yeasts and aged for 6 months in used barrels. ..


whitewine, winefromdouro, permitido, centenaria, marciolopeswines, portuguesewine, oakywine, garrafeiratiopepe

PERMITIDO Centenária bº 2019 - Douro


With grapes coming from the Douro Superior, in particular from vineyards planted in 1896, this "White of Centenary" originates from 15 vine varieties, such as Folgazão, Dona Branca, Verdelho, Syria, etc., planted at 800m altitude, almost boundary reg..


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POÇAS Fora de Série Acrobata bº 2019 ...


Region: Douro (Numão).Fora de Série Acrobata is a white wine produced from the Códega, Arinto and Rabigato grape varieties. With a prolonged stage in barrel used under a fine "flower". Perfect balance between the oxidative profile of prolonged stage ..


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POEIRA Desalinhados Curtimenta bº 2018 ...


Region: Douro (Provesende).Grapes: Arinto.Sometimes we need to take a risk, “get out of the line” and when that happens in Poeira irreverent and original wines are born. This white man was born wanting to be red but was overcome by his nature and des..


wine, redwine, jorgemoreira, poeira, poeirawines, oldvines, garrafeiratiopepe, portuguesewine

POEIRA Vinha da Torre tº 2017 - Douro


Region: Douro (Provesende).Torre's vineyard is located in Covas do Douro and was planted in 1950. With a huge diversity of grape varieties, stony and very sloping soil, with exposure to the North and at 400 m altitude.They searched for a long time fo..


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POL ROGER Vintage Brut Magnum


Varieties: 60% Pinot Noir and 40% Chardonnay.Pol Roger Vintage have a beautiful golden yellow color, with an infinity of tiny, shiny bubbles. The nose is fresh, clean and attractive, with ripe, expressive fruit and smelling of aromas of the field: Na..

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