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wine, white, germany, astronaut, riesling, anibal, coutinho, pfalz

ASTRONAUT Riesling bº 2015 - Alemanha


Castas: Riesling. Região: Pfalz, Alemanha. Crystal clear, yellow-greenish colour typical for a young Riesling. Intense and fruity, reminiscent of citrus fruit, apricots and crisp apples. This dignified, fresh bouquet is exemplary for the grape..


wine, germany, fio, riesling

FIO Riesling bº 2012 - Alemanha


This is made from one fuder (a large barrel) and spent two years here without any sulphur dioxide additions. It was bottled October 2014. This dry Riesling shows amazing finesse and texture, with wax, herbs, honey, melons and pears. There are fresh l..


wine, white, germany, riesling, joh, jos, prum, spatelese, sonnenuhr, wehlener, weingut, mosel, sweet, 2011

JOH JOS PRUM Sonnenuhr Spatlese bº 2012...


Região: Alemanha (Mosel).Produtor: Weingut Joh Jos Prüm.Castas: RieslingWe can not speak in German wine, and don't mention the name of Joh Jos Prüm. This is without a doubt a leader in its region and also in Germany. Prum, has plots, some of the be..


wine, germany, pfalz, riesling, muller, catoir, burgergarten

MüLLER-CATOIR Bürgergarten Riesling b...


Region: Alemanha (Pfalz).Grapes: Riesling.Shades of minerality and the deep fruitiness of ripe stone fruit characterise this Riesling from Bürgergarten. The 40-yearold vines ensure the perfect combination of concentration and refinement in its full,..


wine, germany, pfalz, haardter, muller, catoir, burgergarten, riesling, auslese, late, harvest, dessert

MÜLLER-CATOIR Haardter Burg. Riesling A...


Region: Germany (Pfalz).Grapes: Riesling.Concentrated green and herbal aromas of eucalyptus and fresh hay herbs characterise the bouquet of the Rieslaner Auslese. The finish of its velvety body has a delicate minerality. ..


wine, white, foreign, germany, mosel, schloss, lieser, niepoort, projectos, riesling, kabinett, 2011

SCHLOSS LIESER Kabinett Riesling bº 201...


Region: Alemanha (Mosel).Producer: Schloss Lieser.Grapes: Riesling...

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