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wine, green, covela, avesso, chardonnay

COVELA Escolha bº 2015 - V.Verdes


Expressive. Floral with heady notes of tropical fruit and good intensity. Undertones of the region’s granitic minerality promise a complex wine. Dry, with nicely-balanced acidity and minerality typical of the region. Despite being fresh and refreshi..


wine, white, green, floral, tropical, citric, mineral, alvarinho, joaoportugalramos, oak, french

JOÃO PORTUGAL RAMOS Alvarinho Reserva b...


Region: Vinho Verde.Grapes: Alvarinho.After crushing, a skin maceration followed, followed by a soft pressing and a long maceration, at low temperature with sludge. Later the wort was clarified by decanting. Fermentation in French oak barrels of 2 an..


wine, green, muros, antigos, loureiro, , anselmo, mendes, melgaco, vale, rio, lima, fresh, fruity, flower, floral

MUROS ANTIGOS Loureiro bº 2018 - V.Verd...


Region: Vinho Verde (Vale Rio Lima - Melgaço).Grapes: Loureiro. Winemaking: Short maceration. Soft pressing of the whole grape stalked. Clarification cold 48h. Long fermentation temperature between 12-16ºC. Stage least 4 months on fine lees. Ci..


wine, green, pardusco, anselmo, mendes, vinhao

PARDUSCO Escolha tº 2015 - V.Verdes


Grapes: Vinhão, Pedral, Brancelho and Borraçal. Open ruby color in the center and halo of bright red color, the nose proves to be fresh, where the red fruit aromas and floral notes are combined in a simple and enjoyable way, the mouth has a correc..


wine, green, ameal, escolha

QUINTA DO AMEAL Escolha bº 2016 - V. Ve...


Grapes: Loureiro, Arinto. Clear and citrine color. Floral aromas, orange blossom. Fruity, well-matched with the vanilla and smoked stage resulting in barrels of 225 liter French oak Nevers used. Your great body and concentration are due to the ch..


wine, white, green, royal, palmeira, loureiro

ROYAL PALMEIRA Loureiro bº 2015 - V.Ver...


Grapes: Loureiro. Aromas of minerals and ripe fruit. Notes of fresh citrus in the palate, revealing acidity and elegance. Long finish with delicious notes of orange and lemon. Longevity: Up to 7 years after harvest. Service Recommendation: S..


gourmet, tea, green, camelia, lemon, lemon, verbena

Sencha Green Tea Lemon CAMÉLIA


The carioca de limão -  lemon peel infusion - has great culture in Portugal and was the inspiration for the Sencha Lemon. The basis of this soothing mixture is a summer crop Sencha, rich in vitamins and minerals, Morimoto couple of Miyazaki pref..


wine, green, red, soalheiro, oppaco, alvarinho, vinhao

SOALHEIRO Oppaco tº 2015 - V.Verdes


Sunny Opaque also pioneering because it is a red wine from the region with lot of red grapes (Vinhão) and white grapes (Albariño). With a delicate and elegant profile this new Sunny bet is based on Vinhão and Albariño grape varieties with the convict..


wine, green, alvarinho, soalheiro, reserve, melgaco, luiscerdeira, batonnage

Alvarinho QUINTA SOALHEIRO Reserva bº 2...


Region: Vinho Verde (Melgaço).Grapes: Alvarinho.Fermentation and ageing in French oak casks (new and used barrels), remaining in fine lees with periodic batonnage until late June.Intense yellow color, elegant and persistent aroma with nuances of barr..


wine, white, green, mango, orange, pear, elegant, acidity, persistent, estremoz, donamaria, viognier, oak, batonnage

AMANTIS Reserva bº 2013 - Alentejo


Region: Alentejo (Estremoz).Grapes: Viognier Vinification: Fermentation in French oak barrels followed by batonnage for 6 months. Beautiful golden color with greenish tinge. Are well integrated wood notes with mango, orange and pear. In t..

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