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Aphros MELISSAE white 2018


Given that the unique quality of a wine is built in the vineyards, our priority is to care for the vineyards. Since these depend on the health of the soil, at Quinta do Casal do Paço we do our best to enhance the vitality of the land, and keep it in ..


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Beefeater Lemon Zest


Introducing Beefeater Zesty Lemon, packed with natural citrus flavor.Beefeater Zesty Lemon Gin takes inspiration from its founder James Burrough - who selected only the freshest lemons from London's Covent Garden market - to create a fresh citrus twi..


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COVELA Fantástico white 2018


For the thirt time in the brand's history, we launched the FANTASTIC Covela which, as the name implies, is only produced in exceptional years and whose evolution in French oak barrels has revealed unusual characteristics.Cold skin maceration. Smooth ..


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Malfy Lemon


No place encapsulates the spirit of Italy like the Amalfi Coast. In this elegant and sunny enclave, life moves at a different pace... Inspired by the Amalfi lifestyle, Malfy Gin embodies the essence of 'La Dolce Vita' and invites you to sit back and ..


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MUROS ANTIGOS Loureiro white 2021


Region: Vinho Verde (Vale Rio Lima - Melgaço).Grapes: Loureiro. Winemaking: Short maceration. Soft pressing of the whole grape stalked. Clarification cold 48h. Long fermentation temperature between 12-16ºC. Stage least 4 months on fine lees. Ci..


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Amarguinha is a classic Portuguese liqueur, more traditional in the south of the country! Present in a Portuguese house for sure!Amarguinha is a traditional drink from the South of Portugal, obtained from an old recipe of bitter almond liqueur. Amarg..


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Gin Mombasa Club is obtained by four distillations, using plants such as juniper, orange, lemon, coriander, licorice, cinnamon, nutmeg, angelica, cloves and cumin. It is clean and shiny, slightly sweet and fresh. The mixture of botanical notes in the..


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Nº3 London Dry


O No.3 London Dry Gin celebra a integridade e o carácter do London Dry Gin tradicional; três frutos: Juniper – da Itália, que não só deu o nome a este gin, mas também conferiu o sabor inconfundível de pinho e lavanda; Casca de Laranja da Espanha, que..


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O Gin London Nº 1 foi destilado quatro vezes em pequenos lotes, sob o olhar cuidadoso do Master Distiller Charles Maxwell. Foi produzido de cereais da mais alta qualidade e contém extractos de 13 plantas: ao zimbro tradicional, coentro e angelica são..

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