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ADEGA VIÚVA GOMES tº 2012 - Lisboa


Region: Lisbon (Colares).Grape Varieties: Ramisco.The Viúva Gomes are wines of vibrant character by the specificity of their terroir, characterized by maritime storms and influence of the Serra de Sintra. A temperamental region, situated above the At..


sweetwine, lateharvest, lisboa, colares, petitmanseng, casalsantamaria, lateharvest, portugueselateharvest

CASAL SANTA MARIA Colheita Tardia 2016 -...


Region: Colares / Sintra. Varieties: Petit Manseng. The Casal Santa Maria have a Golden color with amber reflections. Aroma of crystallized fruit, marmalade, ripe peaches, light almonds, tangerine peel, apples, ripe (typical fruit of Colares)...


whitewine, winefromlisboa, casalsantamaria, malvasiacolares, colareswine

CASAL SANTA MARIA Malvasia bº 2018 - Li...


Region: Colares / Sintra. Varieties: 100% Malvasia. Vineyards planted in Colares. Late manual harvesting, intended to allow the development of the whole aromatic component of Malvasia. Skin maceration in 100% of the grapes for 6-8 hours. Slight..


redwine, winefromlisboa, chocapalha, touriganacional, chbychocapalha, sandratavareswines

CH BY CHOCAPALHA tº 2011 - Lisboa


REgion: Lisbon.Grapes: Touriga Nacional. Quite floral with full fruit of blackberries and cherries, some confectionery of high quality barrels, all round, greedy and fresh at a time, toast and spice and savory tannins dominate the long finish. ..


rosewine, lisboa, casalstamaria, marderosas, oak, barrels, wood, batonnage, redfruits, smooth, atlanticwine, portuguesewine, winefromlisbon

MAR DE ROSAS rosé 2019 - Lisboa


Region: Lisboa.Producer: Casal Sta. Maria.The hand-picked grapes went through a tight selection process in the vineyard and winery. After gentle crush to prevent skin maceration, the juice undergoes 48h of static decantation. Fermentation occurs ..


whitewine, portuguesewine, winefromlisboa, bucelaswine, winefrombucelas, arintofrombucelas, bucelas, mira, arinto, miradoowinemaker

MIRA DO Ó Arinto Reserva bº 2017 - Lis...


Region: Lisboa (Bucelas).This wine is made with Arinto from two small vineyards. A várzea vineyard in a very cool area with deep clay-limestone soils and another with a more calcareous and sunny slope. It is a crude approach to the unique "terroir" o..


wine, rose, quinta, boa, esperanca, lisboa, zibreira, torres, vedras, castelao, touriga, nacional, syrah, salmon, fine, delicate, structured, intense, longstanding, finish



Region: Lisboa (Zibreira / Torres Vedras).Grapes: 45% Castelão, 45% Touriga Nacional, 15% Syrah.A rosé wine with a slight salmon color, with fine and delicate aromas. Fresh, structured, intense, with a very longstanding finish...

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