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aguardente, magistra, esporao, lourinha, luxo, premium, complexa, frutos secos, baunilha, especiaria, floral, macia, untuosa, corpo, longa, portuguesebrandy



Region: Lourinhã.MAGISTRA, the new brandy from Esporão.Luxury is what best expresses it, it is the pure exaltation of human creativity.Slightly brownish topaz color.Complex fruity aroma (nuts, walnuts and almonds) with good wood, notes of vanilla, sp..


aguardente, niepoort, velha, tradicao, premium, qualidade, fina, vinosa, equilibrada, madeira, concentrada, longa, intensa, espirituosa

NIEPOORT Velhsissima Extra Old


An old history back: Niepoort very old brandy.In the past, both Brandy and Aguardente Velha were great Niepoort classics and the 25 years old brandy is considered one of the best in Portugal.In the 90s it was relaunched with a refinement made by Dirk..

Showing 1 to 2 of 2 (1 Pages)