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winewhite, pico, acores, arinto, antoniomacanita, picowines, oak, barrels, wood, batonnage, oysters, barnacles, bivalves, seafood, portuguesewines



Region: Açores (Pico Island.Grapes: Arinto.A unique terroir in the world, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, at the base of the volcanic Pico Mountain, the vineyards are planted in rock crevices, by the sea, where you can hear the "singing crab" be..


redwine, alentejo, antoniomacanita, fitapreta, castelao

FITA PRETA Castelão Reserva tº 2016 - ...


Region: Alentejo.Grapes: Castelão.Garnet-ruby color.Aroma  with notes of plum, tobacco and spices, in the test the attack is medium bodied, with good freshness.The texture mounts in the middle of taste, all in elegance, finishes with present and..


whitewine, alentejo, antoniomacanita, talha, grapesroupeiro, antaovaz, fitapreta, sigatureserie

FITA PRETA Signature Series Branco de Ta...


Region: Alentejo.Grapes: Roupeiro (70%) and Antão Vaz (30%).Wine based on the old methodology of Talha, in search of complexity and regional identity.A different white, marked by the carving, based first on the fruit and freshness of the grape variet..


wine, red, spain, macan, tempranillo

MÁCAN tº 2013 - Espanha


Red wine made entirely with Tempranillo. After malolactic fermentation in barrels, 30% and deposit for the remaining 70%. Aging is done in French oak extra fine grain, a major part in new barrels and the rest in used barrels for 15 months. Macan c..


douro, superior, macanita, touriga, nacional

MAÇANITA Douro Superior tº 2015 - Dour...


Varieties: Touriga Nacional. Maçanita Wines is a project of two go hands and two winemakers looking to explore the Douro terroir. The Upper Douro Sub-region, which is characterized by a warmer continental climate than the other subregions, gave r..


redwine, macanita, sousao

MAÇANITA É Sousão ou será Vinhão? t...


Region: Douro (Cima Corgo).Grapes: Sousão.Dye variety (ie with pulp color) from the north of the country - “it is said to have come from the banks of the Lima river” - already writes Girão in 1822. He says the same, though it has so much color that i..


wine, white, douro, macanita, caniveis

MAÇANITA Os Canivéis bº 2016 - Douro


Grape varieties: Ancestral grains. The Canivéis as of an opera were, it was sung by other people, say by the ancients, has already circled the world, as appreciated by a thousand mouths. However it can always be reproduced, in its authenticity, ab..


rosewine, vulcanic, pico, picowines, antoniomacanita, strawberry, iodine, salty, blackpepper, indianfood, thaifood, sushi

ROSÉ VULCÂNICO rosé 2018 - Açores


Region: Azores (Pico Island).The Volcanic Series are wines of volcanic origin, where the poor, stony soils challenge the very definition of agricultural soil.In this almost "mother rock", in the middle of the Atlantic and at the base of Portugal's la..


whitewine, acores, pico, picowines, antoniomacanita, terrantez, oak, barrels, floral, bergamot, iodine, salty

TERRANTEZ DO PICO By António Maçanita ...


Region: Açores Island (Pico - S. Miguel).Grapes: Terrantez.First presses fermented in stainless steel tanks with temperature control in order to maintain the purity of the grape and the second presses fermented in barrel of 3rd year.Bright citrus yel..


wine, white, acores, verdelho, antoniomacanita, pico, picowines, batonnage

VERDELHO O ORIGINAL By António Maçanit...


Region: Azores (Pico Island)Grapes: Verdelho.Fresh attack mineral and saline, has the matrix of the Azorean breeds and Terroir, but with a more exuberant, more tropical aroma, more pineapples and Azorean passion fruit, fresh fruit with acidity.Vinifi..


whitewine, wineazores, picowine, antoniomacanita, arinto, verdelho, alicantebranco, boal, batonnage, oak, frenchoak

VINHA CENTENÁRIA By António Maçanita ...


Region: Azores (Pico).Grapes: Arinto Azores (> 85%), Verdelho, Alicante Branco and Boal.Produced from a vineyard over 100 years old where it dominates the Azores Arinto, but there are also Verdelho, Boal (Malvasia Fina) and white Alicante (Boal de..

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