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BARBEITO 10 Years Boal


Founded in 1946 by grandfather Mário Barbeito de Vasconcelos, the company Vinhos Barbeito has always been managed by family members.At the time of its foundation, there were more than 30 companies producing and exporting Madeira wine. Step by step, g..


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BARBEITO 30 Years Malvasia Vó Vera


"After 10 years, I fulfill my promise to release the second blend of Malvasia 30 years. This time, I pay tribute to my grandmother. This year we celebrate Barbeito’s 70th anniversary, an important milestone in our history. Family tradition is well re..


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BARBEITO 40 Years Boal Vinha do Embaixad...


"Fernão Favila Vieira was born in 1930 in Funchal and graduated from the School of Law at the University of Lisbon. As a diplomat, he held positions in various parts of the world. In the scope of the performance of his duties, he was honored w..


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BARBEITO 40 Years Malvasia Vinha do Reit...


"Angelo Augusto da Silva was born in 1896, in São Vicente, on Madeira Island. He graduated in Mathematical Sciences at the University of Coimbra and began his professional activity in Aveiro. He was appointed dean of the Liceu Jaime Moniz in 1..


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Barbeito 5 Years Malvasia


Malvasia aged in Canteiro for 5 years in French oak casks. For this batch, they select wines from their warehouses, whose stable temperatures throughout the year resulted in this wine with balanced levels of sugar and acidity.Barbeito 5 Years Old Mal..


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BARBEITO 50 Years Bastardo Avô Mário


"My grandfather, Mário Barbeito, was born in Funchal in 1905 and passed away in the same city, in 1985. In addition to his love for wine, reading and books were his other great passions. The History of Madeira, the History of Christopher Columbus an..


madeirawine, barbeitowines, barbeito, bastardo, barbeitobastardo, barbeitoduaspipas

BARBEITO Bastardo Reserva Duas Pipas


"Bastardo was extinct in Madeira for many years. Its recovery was due to Teófilo Cunha, who in 2004 planted vineyards of that variety on his family´s lands in São Jorge, situated on the north of the island. My first Bastardo harvest took place ..


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BARBEITO Bastardo Três Pipas Reserva Ve...


"Bastardo was extinct in Madeira for many years. Its recovery was due to Teófilo Cunha, who in 2004 planted vineyards of that variety on his family ́s lands in São Jorge, situated on the north of the island. Ricardo Diogo’s first Bastardo harvest t..


madeirawine, barbeito, malvasiacandida, barbeitomalvasiacandida, 1996

BARBEITO Malvasia Cândida 1996


Malvasia Cândida was the first variety to be planted in Madeira Island. The Malvasia wine produced there soon became the most sought after and coveted among all. This Malvasia 1990 is the second controlled bottling of a wine from that property. As a ..


madeirawine, barbeito, malvasiacandida, barbeitomalvasiacandidareservaespecial

BARBEITO Malvasia Cândida Reserva Espec...


"According to Frutuous Gaspar, in his book" missing the earth, "Malvasia Cândida was the first caste to be planted on the island of Madeira and arrived at the Fajã of the priests by the hand of the Jesuits in the second half of the 16th century. The ..


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Barbeito Reserva Especial Os Mestres


"Mixing grape varieties continues to be an uncommon practice in Madeira wine blends. On a visit that Dirk paid us to one of Vinhos Barbeito's construction site warehouses, the idea came to us, while we were tasting the wines directly from the barrels..


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BARBEITO Sercial 1993 Frasqueira MEF


"Since the foundation of Vinhos Barbeito, in 1946, and for many years Mr. Manuel Eugénio Fernandes has supplied Sercial and Verdelho grapes to our company. He had a very special relationship with my grandfather and my mother, maintaining weekly..

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