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madeirawine, barbeito, boal, 40years, barbeitoambassador

BARBEITO 40 Years Boal Vinha do Embaixad...


Region: Madeira Island.Fernão Favila Vieira was born in 1930 in Funchal and graduated from the School of Law at the University of Lisbon. As a diplomat, he held positions in various parts of the world. In the scope of the performance of his du..


madeirawine, barbeito, barbeitomalvasia, barbeito50years, barbeitoojapones

BARBEITO 50 Anos Malvasia O Japonês - M...


Region: MadeiraGrapes: Malvasia"I dedicate this blend to someone who played a key role in my professional career. Mr. Yasuhiro Kinoshita was born on April 26, 1924 and died on September 9, 2003. In September 1945, he took over the family busine..


madeirawine, barbeito, 50years, bastardo

BARBEITO 50 Years Bastardo Avô Mário -...


Region: Madeira Island.Grapes: Bastardo. My grandfather, Mário Barbeito, was born in Funchal in 1905 and passed away in the same city, in 1985. In addition to his love for wine, reading and books were his other great passions. The History of Made..


madeirawine, barbeitowines, barbeito, bastardo, barbeitobastardo, barbeitoduaspipas

BARBEITO Bastardo Reserva Duas Pipas - M...


Region: Madeira Island.Grapes: Bastardo.Bastardo was extinct in Madeira for many years. Its recovery was due to Teófilo Cunha, who in 2004 planted vineyards of that variety on his family´s lands in São Jorge, situated on the north of the island. ..


madeirawine, barbeitowines, barbeitosercial, barbeito1993, 1993, sercial

BARBEITO Sercial 1993 E. F. - Madeira Is...


Region: Madeira.Grapes: Sercial.Since the foundation of Vinhos Barbeito, in 1946, and for many years Mr. Manuel Eugénio Fernandes has supplied Sercial and Verdelho grapes to our company. He had a very special relationship with my grandfather and ..


madeirawine, blandys, 10years, bual

BLANDY'S 10 Years Bual - Madeira Island


Varieties: Bual. Stage: Blandy `s Bual 10 years is aged for 10 years in American oak casks in the traditional process de Construction.   Clean and clear, amber with dourados. Complex nose reflexes, great aromatic intensity, revealing a bo..


madeirawine, blandys, 5years, malvasia, bual

BLANDY'S 5 Years Reserva - Madeira Islan...


Region: MadeiraGrapes: 50% Malvasia and 50% Bual.The Bual and Malvasia wines aged separately 5 years in American oak casks by the traditional "canteiro" method. The wine was submitted to 1 stage and finishing before mixing. After more than 6 months m..


madeirawine, justinos, justinosmadeirawines, verdelho, justinosverdelho, 1997

JUSTINO'S Verdelho 1997 - Madeira Island


Region: Madeira Island.Grapes: Verdelho.Justino’s Madeira Colheitas are produced from carefully chosen grapes of the Malvasia, Boal, Verdelho and Sercial varieties, which undergo a separate vinification process.  The wine is then aged in oa..


madeirawine, blandy, malvasia, 10years

BLANDY'S 10 Years Malmsey - Madeira Isla...


Grapes: Malvasia.Blandy `s Malvasia 10 years is aged for 10 years in American oak casks in the traditional proceso de 'Canteiro '. Intense golden brown color, with almost greenish reflections. Intense and complex nose, revealing a bouquet of wood,..

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