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Region: Sweden.Absolut Elyx is a true luxury vodka, built on the principles of quality, integrity and craftsmanship, distilled in a manually operated vintage copper from 1921, from a unique crop of Swedish winter wheat. The result is an award-winning..


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Anselmo Mendes CURTIMENTA Magnum white 2...


Experiment, reinvent, overcome, take on the challenge of creating wines of excellence, which are born from a long and deep connection to the land and challenge conventions and the senses. This is where Anselmo Mendes takes us.Anselmo Mendes, recogniz..


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BARÃO DO HOSPITAL Alvarinho Magnum whit...


Falua Vinhos has just invested in Quinta do Hospital in Monção (Ceivães) with the signature of winemaker Antonina Barbosa. A fully walled property with a manor house, the Solar do Hospital, with a façade emblazoned from the 16th century, bears witnes..


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BATUTA Magnum red 2017


Batuta was first released in 1999 with the intention of revealing an impressive yet elegant Douro wine. “Batuta”, meaning the baton used by an orchestral conductor, proved to be the perfect name.Batuta is not a wine made every year. The base of..


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BELUGA Noble Russian Magnum


The first batch of Beluga Noble Vodka was produced in 2002. It was the result of the hard and meticulous work of the masters of the Mariinsky Distillery. The refined and rich flavor of Russian Beluga Noble vodka results from its unique composition, m..


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BILLECART SALMON Brut Reserve Magnum


Its history dates back to 1818, when Nicolas François Billecart and Elisabeth Salmon joined forces to launch their Maison de Champagne. A familiar story since Louis Salmon, Elisabeth's brother and passionate about oenology, was involved in making the..


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BORGES Real Senhor Blanc Blancs Bruto


A Blanc de Blancs sparkling wine produced by the Sociedade dos Vinhos Borges that we think is excellent as an aperitif, to accompany light meals, roasts and desserts.Clear, straw yellow in color, with a fine and regular bubble. Very complex aroma, wi..


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BORGO MOLINO Motivo Prosecco Magnum Brut...


Passion, personality, projects, words so closely connected continue to be the formula for success. In 1922, the decision was made to dedicate their lives to working the land. An intuition and much more than a job. To understand nature, what it asks f..


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CALLABRIGA Magnum red 2017


Callabriga is a Douro red wine with a contemporary, intense and elegant profile, created to reflect the versatility and passionate currentness of Douro wines. Callabriga is one of the most innovative wines from Casa Ferreirinha, the brand with the lo..


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CARLOS LUCAS Alvarinho white 2016


An Alvarinho by winemaker Carlos Lucas. An improbable bet on your part, but one that demonstrates your greatness during your time in the bottle. A production of 5000 bottles where fermentation took place in a stainless steel tank for 3 weeks. Aged in..


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CASTELLO D'ALBA Limited Edition Magnum r...


It was in our Adega do Douro, in São João da Pesqueira, that it all started in 1999. It is here that we vinify and age all Douro wines, from stainless steel vats to temperature-controlled barrel cellars, as well as preserving all the historical asset..


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CASTELLO D'ALBA Reserva Magnum red 2017


It was at Adega do Douro, in São João da Pesqueira, that it all started in 1999. It is here that all Douro wines are vinified and aged, from stainless steel vats to temperature-controlled barrel cellars, as well as preserving all the historical herit..

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