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MAILLY Blanc de Noirs Grand Cru


Region: France (champagne)Grapes: Pinot Noir. This deep-colored Champagne  immediately expresses its unique Mailly and Pinot Noir heritage, character. The nose shows fresh seasoning, with a very touch of violets and layers of the forest floo..


champagne, mailly, maillycoteauxchampenois, pinotnoir

Mailly Coteaux Champenois Pinot Noir bru...


Mailly Coteaux Champenois is rare. This still wine is made with grapes from specific plots located in the Mailly Champagne vineyard.Coteaux Champenois is the perfect accompaniment to a braised capon or steak. It also goes well with a white pudding fr..


champagne, mailly, champagnegrandcru, chardonnay, pinotnoir, naturecuvee, charlesneubach

MAILLY Grand Cru Charles Neubach


Grapes: 75% Pinot Noir e 25% ChardonnayDuring the second meeting between the artist Champagne Mailly Grand Cru, Nature cuvée emerged.The artist worked on a digital work "in situ" for a tinplate-type metal support arranged in a cylinder to accommodate..


champagne, mailly, maillygrandcru, champagneextrabrut, pinotnoir, chardonnay

MAILLY Grand Cru Millesime Extra Brut


The MAILLY style captures the spirit of the estate, offering a range of eleven wines, each notable for its exceptional balance, assertive vinous style, class and elegance. When tasting these wines, take the opportunity to savor the subtle aromas and ..

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