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ALIÁS um Branco de Outrora white 2017


This wine was born from the centenary vines of the Bical grape variety found in the old vineyards of Mealhada. It is a very small production of a wine made in a very traditional way.Manual harvesting and a meticulous selection of grapes almost make t..


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ALVELAR 3 Miradas branco 2017


The Alvear family was born in the old neighborhood of Trasmiera, in the Sierra de Burgos. From the primitive manor, in San Miguel de Aras, it reaches Nájera at the beginning of the 16th century and from there to Córdoba.Diego, one of the descendants,..


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ARGILLA white 2018


Argilla wines are produced at Herdade da Anta de Cima, owned by the Tenreiro family, located in Serra de Montargil, Portalegre district. Here with the signature of winemakers Paulo Tenreiro and Nuno Mira do Ó.In Anta de Cima the last vineyards were p..


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BOINA branco 2019


Nuno Aguiar (winemaker, former collaborator of Anselmo Mendes) and António Olazabal Ferreira (marine biologist in accelerated conversion to winemaker) launched a wine called Boina, the first one is 2015 and has a very appealing aesthetic. A series of..


whitewine, winefromdao, encruzado, druidawine, druidaencruzado, nunomiradoowine, magnumbottle

DRUIDA Encruzado Reserva Magnum white 20...


Druida is a white wine made almost by hand, with a special selection of grapes from old vines of Encruzado grapes. These vineyards, located at an altitude of 500 meters, with privileged views of the Serra da Estrela, are true sources of freshness and..


whitewine, winefromdao, druidawine, encruzado, nunomiradoowine, online, portuguesewhitewine

DRUIDA Encruzado Reserva white 2020


Who makes one of the best Encruzados in Portugal?`The winemaker Nuno Mira do Ó.Druida is a white wine made almost by hand, with a special selection of grapes from old vines of the variety Encruzado. These vineyards, located at an altitude of 500 mete..


wine, whitewine, spain, winefromspain, spanishwine, , torres, penedes, fransola, sauvignonblanc, santamariademiralles

FRANSOLA Sauvignon Blanc 2018 - Espanha


Region: Spain (Penedès).Producer: TorresGrapes: Sauvignon Blanc.The Fransola Estate is found among the high vineyards of the Penedès in the municipality of Santa María de Miralles. This Fransola Estate is where we grow 25 hectares of Sauvignon Blanc ..


whitewine, goblet, portugalboutiquewinery, planaltomirandes, mineral, silvestre, eldernote, dry, salty.portuguesewine

GOBLET white 2016


Region: Douro (Panalto Mirandês).Producer: Portugal Boutique Winery."Grapes of the Mirandese Planalto Very well in the aroma, subtle, all mineral and with character, wild and elder note, aromatic profile tense and dry.The mouth-proof is in line with ..


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GRANDE DRUIDA white 2019


In addition to being a great wine, the Druida brand also presents the story of a great friendship between two winemakers, Nuno Mira do Ó and João Corrêa.When the latter prematurely left this world, he had the idea of one day celebrating his life with..


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MIRA DO Ó Arinto Reserva white 2018


This wine is made with Arinto from two small vineyards. A várzea vineyard in a very cool area with deep clay-limestone soils and another with a more calcareous and sunny slope. It is a crude approach to the unique "terroir" of this region that revisi..


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MIRABILIS Grande Reserva red 2019


Mirabilis is inspired by the line of great wines in the world, where textures, aromas, gravity and transparency are created.After the careful selection of the best parcels and a manual harvest, this batch comes into confrontation with the origin of t..


vinhorose, garrafamagnum, miraval, vinhoangelinajolie, provence

MIRAVAL Magnum rosé 2020


A wine born in Provence in the old town of Correns with the signature of the Perrin Family to make the well-known Angelina Jolie's wishes come true.Currently, Chateau Miraval is the summer residence of Angelina Jolie, who dedicate the place to the ar..

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