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Anselmo Mendes PARDUSCO PRIVATE red 2017


Anselmo Mendes PARDUSCO PRIVATE , a Alvarelhão or Brancelho! A very original red, silky and with strong minerality.Pardusco Private is a red wine made according to the old Portuguese traditions, that is, a red wine with a prolonged aging in used barr..


vinhoverde, pardusco, anselmomendes, vinhao, pedral, brancelho, borracal, portuguesewine

PARDUSCO Escolha red 2019


Region: Vinho VerdeGrapes: Vinhão, Pedral, Brancelho and Borraçal. Open ruby color in the center and halo of bright red color, the nose proves to be fresh, where the red fruit aromas and floral notes are combined in a simple and enjoyable way, the..


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PEDRA CANCELA Signature red 2014


Region: Dão.Grapes: Touriga-Nacional from Old Vines (90%) and other varieties also from Old Vines.Fermentation with maceration in press, with temperature control.Aging 18 months in French oak barrels and 2 months in aging basement.Deep red with deep ..


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PEQUENOS REBENTOS Atlântico Escolha red...


Márcio Lopes is one of the faces of a new generation of experimentalist and revivalist winemakers who have been bringing us premium wines, capable of awakening our senses to what is ours, what Portuguese wine really is.PEQUENOS REBENTOSAtlantic is a ..


bottle, magnum, alvarinho, pedra, mineral, apple, pineapple, elegant

QUINTA DA PEDRA Alvarinho Magnum white 2...


Region: Vinho Verde (Monção).Grapes: Alvarinho.Citrine and mineral, with soft notes of apple and pineapple, but very elegant in the nose. In the mouth, it is a wine with grease with the acidity to give it freshness and longevity...


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QUINTA DA PEDRA Alvarinho white 2017


Region: Vinho Verde (Monção).Grapes: Alvarinho.Citrus, minerals and gentle notes of apple and pineapple give this a very elegant nose. The palate reveals a smooth wine, with acidity that gives it freshness and length. ..


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Region: Douro (Freixo de Numão).Grapes: Touriga Nacional, Jaen, Souzão.A very intense and very fresh aroma, showing the fresh summer nights in altitude in the Upper Douro, marked by violets, black and red fruits characteristic of the grapes that gave..


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“On this farm, I planted three varieties in equal parts, whose blend between Touriga Nacional, Jaen and Sousão, I believe is the one that best reflects the Douro Superior in altitude: very poor granitic soil, cool nights, low productivity and organic..


wine, white, douro, pedra, escrita, alvarinho, rabigato, verdelho, viognier, elegant, fresh, complex, mineral

PEDRA ESCRITA white 2019


Region: DouroGrapes: Alvarinho, Rabigato, Verdelho and a small percentage of Viognier. Aroma very citrus and mineral, grapefruit notes and flowers complexed field by a strong minerality with a smoked very discreet. Taste very persistent and very f..

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