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TEPPO PEIXE white 2015


Region: Vinho Verde (Casa de Vilar - Sousa).Grapes: Avesso, Trajadura and Azal.Teppo, in Japanese, is the name of a weapon brought to Japan by the Portuguese in the 16th century and which revolutionized the form of war in the country. Teppo Peixe was..


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ESPORÃO Private Selection white 2018


This wine was born in 2001 with the aim of challenging the classic profile of the great Alentejo wines. The maturity of the vineyard, the unusual Semillon variety, combined with the careful selection of the barrel suppliers has reinforced the solid, ..


champagne, louisroederer, premier, chardonnay, pinotnoir, pinotmeunier, aperitivo, peixe, marisco, fresco, delicado, estrutura, comprar, online, preco, precodochampagne, garrafeiras, garrafeiratiopepe

LOUIS ROEDERER Collection 242 Brut


A blend of 1/3 Chardonnay and 2/3 Pinot Noir and Meunier and aged for 3 years on lees.It presents golden color and fine bubble. A bouquet with aromas of almonds and toast. In the mouth it has a creamy structure.According to Jean-Claude, it presents a..


champagne, moetchandon, imperial, sushi, peixe, moluscos, comprar, preco, precodochampagne, online, garrafeiras, garrafeiratiopepe

MOET & CHANDON Brut Imperial


The color is an elegant straw yellow with green nuances. Its aromas are radiant, revealing a glow of white fruits (apple, pear, white peach), citrus fruits (lemon), floral nuances and elegant blonde notes (brioche and fresh nuts). The palate is seduc..


vinho, rose, niepoort, diferente, tourigafranca, tourigaamarela, intenso, frutosvermelhos, especiarias, terra, fumado, mineral, fresco, volume, estrutura, longo, ostras, peixenoforno, aves, carnebranca, queijo

Redoma Rosé 2020


Region: Douro.Producer: Niepoort.Grapes: 30% Yellow Ink, 20% Touriga Franca and 50% others.Increasingly, Rosés wines arouse great passions. Redoma Rosé is different from the others, fermented in wood and coming from older vineyards, is a table rosé r..


espumante, terrasdemo, malvasiafina, marisco, peixe, carnebranca, persistente, citrico, intenso, floral, fresco, longo



Tavora-Varosa Castas: Malvasia Fina. Apresenta um aspecto limpo, com bolha fina e persistente e cor levemente citrina com tons de palha. O aroma é intenso, primoroso a flores de malvasia, com um sabor fresco e muito frutado, prolongado no final..


espumante, terrasdemo, rose, touriganacional, persistente, intenso, floral, fresco, longo, marisco, peixe, aves



Região: Távora-Varosa. Castas: Touriga Nacional. Aspecto límpido, bolha fina e persistente. Cor salmão, aroma intenso, primoroso e floral. Paladar fresco e muito frutado com prolongado final. Envelhecimento: Evolução lenta, com arredondament..

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